Complete Guide to Christmas Gifts for Paranormal Geeks

I've broken gifts down into categories like equipment, clothing, books, games, collectibles, etc. Under each photo is its name in the form of a link to the product to make it easy to check it out or shop for other makes/sizes/related equipment. I've worked to get a variety of price points for any type of gift giving from office party to most important person. 


This radiating electromagnetism pod is one of the hottest tools for ghost investigations. It's reported to be able to monitor things going in and out of field. The telescope antenna allows 360 degree coverage.

This thermal imaging camera that is easy to operate and compact to store is great for a wide spectrum of folks - UFO hunters, deer hunters, Bigfoot and Dogman researchers, ghost hunters.  They all want to see if there are temperature variations to reveal potential energy/life forms.

These are great for anyone who is indoors or outdoors at night investigating who does not want to shine a light and warn they are coming. 

I can't live without mine. They are comfy, allow you to tap the back of the glove and the bright lights go on keeping hands free.

These are sought after by ghost investigators as they can monitor EMF (electtromagnetic field) variations, temperature changes, and offer an IR safe flashlight. 

For those hunting cryptids or aliens, this trap cam is waterproof with infrared sensors to detect movement 


I cannot live without mine. It's mesh, breathable, pockets inside, out and back - can carry tons of stuff without needing a backpack. Any investigations are better with this one! Also great for camping/hiking/photography!

Break-in is no sweat with a sneaker/turned boot - none of that hard inflexible material. This one has a great grip and comfort for any season or terrain.

Fingerless gloves are the way to stay warm, grip things, and yet still have fingertips exposed to click on cell phone or camera and do tiny detail work. 

A great winter outdoors option and keeps hair out of the way of camera

Blend in and be comfy


Scooby Doo Collectible Set

my award-winning 5-star book
about my family's life in a Civil War hospital

Monster-lovers must read by expert Linda Godfrey

Well-researched and enlightening about encounters with other worlds. 

by Sylvia Schults