"Dark Selfies" Streaming TV Series - Coming in 2020!

Our group at State 48 Films has been working vigorously on our new streaming TV series, "Dark Selfies." 

Feel free to follow our page on Facebook as we go into filming the series for release in 2020.   LINK

The series is an anthology in the horror/thriller genre.

I will be updating regularly on our progress.

Working with a team of such professional talents is so rewarding. I am co-author on several of the scripts and will be working in other capacities such as makeup/wardrobe, directing, and promotion. 

While the Collector gathers the dark selfies in his private album, fates unfold among those captured in those dark moments. What does he know that we do not?
This is the series I always dreamed was out there. I am very excited this is evolving into something my readers will enjoy very much!