Chasing Shadow People!

As part of my series this month and next, I will be encouraging everyone to chase local legends, notorious places, test fear of darkness, forests, caves, and anything that goes bump in the night. Today, I'm sharing a post on how to (hopefully) run into a shadow person and my theory on what they may be!

They were given the moniker "shadow people," but that is not exactly how they appear. These beings, usually 3-4 feet tall (sometimes full height or tall), are human shaped and completely utterly devoid of details to be a kind of "black hole" of humanoids. It's what they do and where they are that is scaring people. 

In this post, I plan to shatter some of the earlier concepts of what shadow people are and it might just be even more unsettling than popular assumptions....

Let me cover some of the basics that we know about shadow people - 

1. They don't seem to have limits on where they go - not like ghosts. You don't need a haunted house to see one. About 75% of the time people see them outdoors, often in parks and cemeteries (in other words, they hang out at night where we don't usually go).

2.  It is key that these intelligent forms go to places we don't usually go at night, so they might be in the home during sleep, they might be in a store after it closes, they might be in a cemetery, a park, a golf course... wherever we aren't awake or don't usually go after dark.

3. People often report a sense of dread and doom around them. The reason for this might be a side effect of these beings. In a way, consider them someone with bad vibes. 

Our bodies can react to things we don't sense, like infrasound (sound waves in a low frequency we do not have in our hearing range). Infrasound can cause us many uneasy feelings as the waves do affect our bodies, much like a bass speaker can make our chest feel like it's thumping. 

The instinctive "doom" and "dread" feelings might be a side effect of something they put off that we sense, but not with the usual senses, with our bodies as receivers. In other words, we feel them on some level because of a wave form, frequency, or energy that they are putting off.

This is like when we are in a haunted location and feel something is about to happen. Human bodies are great barometers and all we can do is interpret "good" or "bad" sensations and with that comes a flood of feelings, perhaps "dread" and "doom." 

4. Their behavior involves darting around, disappearing and reappearing sometimes, curious peeking, and startling and disappearing when you look them straight on. 

All in all, their behavior shows a degree of confidence they can wander around and explore without being seen, but when they are seen, they panic. This could mean they thought no one would be out and about, but their startle reaction happens even in places where people are up and about like on a ghost hunt or someone sitting on the sofa at home at night. So, their reaction could mean they thought we weren't capable of seeing them.

For example, let's say that you hid behind a shed at night and the property had a floodlight on a pole like they do in a lot of rural areas. You don't want someone to know you're coming, so you hide. But then, someone finds you because they saw your shadow. You'd feel like an idiot that you didn't consider the fact you would have a shadow that would give you away! 

And, herein might lie a clue....

Imagine that these beings are other dimensional - a further dimension from us 3D figures. When I cast a shadow, I'm 3D and cast a 2D shadow. What if you were a further dimensional being who casts a 3D shadow? Now, imagine that you go out night wandering around but because of dim lighting, you cast a 3D shadow that you don't in the daytime when no one can detect you at all? You think you can run around without being seen, but at night, your 3D shadow gives you away. 

We are not seeing detail on these beings because we are seeing essentially their 3-dimensional spatially oriented shadow projection of them, not the actual being. Like my shadow (above) is distorted depending on the source of light, whatever frequency is creating their shadow, might be distorting their size and proportions as well, explaining why some shadow people are reported tall and others short. Let's say it's something high frequency that can go across dimensions, might it be like an x-ray caused by radiation bombardment or possible dark energy? 

Are shadow people really little dark beings with no details darting around, or are those the three dimensional shadow casting of a being we aren't seeing because of its lack of visual physical presence? 

Remember, the person searching for me, did not see me, but saw my shadow being cast from behind the building.

Do we only see it at night when light is dim enough to see the 3-dimensional shadow it casts? Might they have no discernible shadow in the daylight? And, if this is true, then (brace yourselves) they are among us all the time without detection....

Now, that's a thought to ponder!

I have come across them a few times in cemeteries, an abandoned prison, and even at home. I look back and realize I had both a compelling feeling I should look up and a sense of tingling foreboding. 

My son had an encounter in a cemetery at 17 years of age that terrified him and his buddy. They assumed they were looking at a dark shadow of someone huddled next to a huge concrete structure that housed a stained glass picture of Jesus. 

As they boys came closer, my son clicked his camera's red light that helps to focus for night shots. The red light hit the surface of what was obviously something solid looking. 

The light startled it and it ran behind the concrete altar. My son and his friend rushed the altar, thinking maybe it was an animal as it was only about 3 feet or so tall. 

Then, they realized the altar had no backside. It was attached to the structure.

That freaked them out and they began to walk away quickly, but couldn't help looking back. When they did, this human-shaped small completely black being peeked at them around the concrete structure.

The boys both felt a sense of absolute dread as if everything bad in the universe were occurring simultaneously. They raced through the graveyard, seeing it dart behind headstones, watching them. 

Almost always, the shadow person's arrival comes with a sense of dread and doom, you catch it from your peripheral vision, turn toward it and when it realizes it's being seen, it disappears. 

How do you find one? 

You have a higher probability in parks, cemeteries, golf courses, and other places people don't go after dark. They seem to like to linger where they think we aren't. They do certainly show up in homes (old and new homes both, with or without ghostly hauntings) as a kind of observation spot. You are more likely to run into one in a darkened room as you go in and turn on the light. 

As they are seen first out of the corner of your eye, certain times of day make it much more likely to spot one - at twilight. 



  1. do you think the Ghost of Jefferson park, which is said to be a mrudered woman, is her from another demension casting her self in our plane of existance?some say she darts from tree to tree

    1. It's possible that what is being seen is not related to,the woman but a shadow person which are very often seen,in parks and cemeteries after hours


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