1970s Goofy Creature Horror with Big Stars: Cheese-O-Rama Fun!

"Devil Dog: Hound of Hell" is just one of many awesome 1970s campy movies. Some can be found on YouTube. This one stars Richard Crenna and Yvette Mimieux. A dog, a minion of Satan, torments a family.  Here's more fun ones - 

"Killdozer" This 1974 made-for-tv gem was a blast! Believe it or no, it starred Clint Walker and Robert Urich. While a construction crew works on a site on an island, the bulldozer takes on a spirit and kills them.

"Kingdom of the Spiders" starring William Shatner was a 1977 gem. Tarantulas attach a small Arizona town, killing those in their path.

"Empire of the Ants" starring Joan Collins and Robert Lansing was a 1977 flick that had a cult following. A conman tries to get folks to invest in land that is infested with giant ants.

"Frogs" is a 1972 movie that wrangled Ray Milland and Sam Elliot. It's about a southern family dealing with some aggressive creatures.

"Day of the Animals" Can you imagine Leslie Nielsen as a rapist? Christopher George and his gorgeous wife Linda Day George starred in this 1977 film that proposed - what if the ozone layer was harmed and animals went on attack of high altitude hikers? 

The 1970s offered lots of monster horror, lots of stars, lots of disaster, lots of killers that can't be killed. It was an over the top campy, made-for-tv horror fest of cheese that we still love to this day!