Friday, September 13, 2019

Midwest Bigfoot: Puppet Master

This is the start of a new series on GHT involving some amazing evidence captured by an experienced professional in the Midwest. It occurred over a decade and what he found from his experimentation was quite stunning. Today, I will over a puppet made by a Bigfoot - 

This evidence of Bigfoot I am about to present is rather amazing and the story behind it and what we find within the photos is stunning.

This practiced researcher photojournalist in the Midwest was tracking a clan and gathering sound evidence, video and photos. He came upon this strange figure with sticks coming out of it. 

Someone was manipulating the sticks to make a "puppet," perhaps to gauge the researcher's intelligence.

But, what I found captured within the brush is most telling. See pic with red arrow.

Zooming in on it closer, you realize how very well they do absorb darkness and reflect light and their translucent hair makes them quite adaptable.

Look at the ears. Deep-set eyes. Strong brow. Tall head. Wide Nose. Gray skin.

I did an enhancement of the face with some more lightening to show details better.

What did this fellow or fellows hope to gain by this trick? 

The researcher wasn't certain, but on closer inspection, this was definitely rigged to create movement and create some kind of farce, perhaps to scare him off or to test him.

We never quite know when it comes to the Big Ones!

There will be many more posts in this Midwest Bigfoot series - 

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