Making Profile Pics with IR/Nightvision Look

If you're a paranormal geek, getting a good nightvision/IR shot of yourself is key. You can take still shots from video, but you can also fake them or get real ones cheaply.

Fake: Take a shot of yourself with a flash camera at night. Put the shot up on Photoshop and desaturate it so it's black and white. If you want to give it a TV-style nightvision look, adjust colors to lots of green and a little bit of yellow.

Real:  Here's an IR light you can use when photographing. It's only 13.98 on Amazon.

This shot (above) was done by moving slightly while taking the shot. Gives a ghostly effect.

In the right setting, a hint of where you are, an abandoned building, a corn maze, or a cemetery can give you a real "in the field look."

This one (above) was a Blair Witch attempt to create a creepy image that says a bit about what's going on and a lot left to the imagination.

This shot (above) was done to make you wonder -- where is she at night? Why must we hush up?

Your classic head shot can be done in nightvision and it can give it a very cool feel. The light tends to make dark things look like so the effect is disorienting and soulless.

Taking a black and white nightvision shot and tinting it with green and a touch of yellow makes it look like the field IR lights used by the popular ghost shows.

You can buy an app/device for your cell phone to get IR shots or even thermal imaging shots.


Anyone into anything paranormal should get at least one IR or FLIR shot of himself/herself to use for profile pics and a little memory of field work.