Sunday, September 29, 2019

How To Treat Potential Ghosts When You Move In

Even if you have no reason to think the home you move into is haunted, there are some simple things you can do to ensure a healthy transition.

One thing to remember about ghosts - they are not unwanted pests and insects invading your home. Do not squash them, spray them or otherwise try to repel. Do not go on the offensive.

Start with some very logical basics as if you are reasoning with any living person.

Introduce yourself. Give your credentials to be a good docent of the home, for example  - "I am a carpenter and I have a wife named Natalie and two songs, Jake and Peter who are 8 and 6. We are a happy family that wishes to live here. We go to church on Sundays. We pay our taxes. We are good people."

Let them know that previous tenants made good memories there and sometimes had sad memories there. You hope to be the new one to add to the experiences in the home. You respect their time there and what it meant to them, but it is time to move on and allow you to have the same opportunity to live there that they had.

If you get any activity, really observe if it's threatening or simply startling. A home and even land can have scars, bad memories, and fear. Treat it all like a stray dog that is nervous at being touched. 

Coexist side by side. Give it time to observe and relax. When things quiet down, reiterate it's time to move on as you are doing it when the entities are not anxious, but feel safe with you and you giving directives.

I hope this helps perspective and attitude.

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