Dolls As Halloween Props

Doll Island is just too fun to recreate in a yard. Leave the dolls out in the weather to age or urgently age them by dipping in water with black or very dark green paint mixed in with a 6 parts water to 1 part paint ratio. But there are TONS of ways to use dolls for Halloween that are chilling and awesome.

I have a doll island in the back yard. I marked up a small island shape and stuck creepy dead tree limbs into the ground and put doll heads on them, also propped dolls up in branch vees. Add some solar stake lights and you get a creepy glow. On Halloween night, pop some glow sticks into the doll heads so they glow.

For a Halloween party I had in 2009, I set the dolls up against a shed where I projected a Brothers Quay film atop of it.