City Daredevils!

The vast majority of the population don't understand the concept of risking one's life on purpose, but there are some daredevils (more today because of YouTube video opportunities) that push the limit. Here's just some of the scary antics going on in the city - 

BASE Jumping.  Parachuting off a fixed object instead of a moving one. Daredevils jump from antennas, bridges, cliffs, high rises, and waterfalls. Your chances of dying doing this are 43 times higher than parachuting. Each year, 328 people die doing this.

Parkour.  This performance art was based on military course training. Participants negotiate a setting using athletic skills, gymnastics, and no equipment. It can be quite graceful to see people dance across the sidewalk, walk up a wall, and swing from a pole, but there are not just risks of injury, but also deaths due to jumping from building to building. 

Tightrope Walking.  A balancing act of walking on a rope. Perhaps the most hand sweating one I have seen involved the Twin Towers. And, yes, they die at high rates. 

Climbing Buildings.  Alain Robert, known as the French Spiderman, is perhaps the most famous of these daredevils who dares to climb skyscrapers.

Skyscraper selfies.  These insane youths climb to the peak of a high rise for the sake of a selfie. And, yes, they die at incredible rates. There were 259 selfie deaths last year.

Subway surfing.  These numbnuts try to ride the top of the subway trains. Crushed to death, killed by overhead ceilings, falling while scrambling up the side....

Maybe it's the country girl in me, but I gotta admit, the city can make you crazy!