Best Places To Get Your Spine Tingled: In a Tent Alone

The theme is set for this month and next - "Best Places To Get Your Spine Tingled."

You will test your mettle these two months with tons of ideas on local legends to explore, haunted sites, testing your ability to handle scary situations, and all manner of horrifying confrontations. Be curious about our world after dark - you might be real surprised that you don't just find scary situations, but you find your inner badass!


You either love it or you hate it.

But, this fall what if you pitch a tent and stay in it alone?

What if you did it in this tent?

Do you dare watch this video first? 

How about reading this book first? 

Collection of missing people from National Parks

No music. Just the sounds of the forest.
The light of just one glow stick. 
No cell phone communications. 

You can sing. Talk to yourself. Clack some rocks....

Movies to get you in the mood - 

A woman hikes 1000 miles alone to heal her past. 

My Side of the Mountain
A boy runs away to do a study out in nature and has to live in the elements. 

The Edge
Two men survive a plane crash in Alaska with a bear hunting them down.

Into the Wild
A man hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness but is overwhelmed.

An easier version of this spine-tingling experience is to sleep in your back yard with no noisy devices or electronics. Simply be one with the sounds and the isolation. In fact, with a tent like this - 

- you could leave it up in the yard year-round for camping pleasure. Just be sure to keep it silent inside, no electronics, no cell phone....

And don't forget a battery-operated lantern.

Spending time alone with yourself can sometimes seem like a crazy prison sentence. This is why at night when we lie down to sleep, we finally catch up with our thoughts. If you decide to camp alone, do consider singing, playing solitaire, listening to nature, contemplating the universe or gazing at stars. Sometimes, the best way to test your fears is to dive right in, but the best way to find yourself is to spend time with yourself.