URBEX: Abandoned Motels

Julie and I went back to the abandoned motel used for one of the chapters in our Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition) book. It's changed a bit. The last time, there was a TV out front, now, a black bird with its head ripped off - welcoming, huh?

Given that motels are temporary dwellings and often the location of vacations and escape from our usual routine, seeing one abandoned is a sobering thing. Here's just some of what I've come across over the years of URBEX'ing. 



This motel (above) was in a little town off of I-10 near Tucson. When we went back, the entire town had been plowed under by the department of transportation, supposedly because the abandoned buildings were too tempting to illegal aliens for hideouts.


This one was on the main drag, complete with empty pool and casitas. 


This motor court was tucked away in the Virginia countryside and quite overgrown and spooky.

It's fascinating to study places that were once sought after for vacationing now silent and abandoned.