Saturday, August 10, 2019

Spirit Halloween 2019

For we paranormal geeks and horror fiends, the latter half of summer starts our engines for the Halloween season. Nothing says "it's coming" like Spirit Halloween stores. Admit it, how many times do you wander around the shop while it's open during the season? For me, I average about 6 times and that's showing restraint. .

What can we expect this year in new displays and themes?

It's not usually until after Labor Day that we see the majority of shops open. Go to their website and in the upper right you can type in your zip code to find out where and when your local store opens.

As someone who has always wanted to do The Fog theme for a party, I'm thrilled to see that they have foghorn sounds, seagulls, and pier-like displays. The sea-themed stuff is great! I really like it when they bring us new horrors each year instead of regurgitating zombies and clowns.

I am always happy to see the store be interactive and also like a mini haunted attraction where you can enter and see animatronics and decor in use. This is not only a great way to draw people into the shop to spend time, but also helps to see how totally cool their products can be at home.

Waving Wally the Clown was a really nice clown.

How about a 7-foot long blow-up Ghostbusters vehicle?

I am definitely stoked and ready to go!

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