SPI: Spontaneous Portal Interaction

There are upon occasion odd incidents of people being in one place and then seeming to pop up in another. There is a belief that some sort of interdimensional portal could pop up in a location and a person could walk right through and out another side (into another universe, another time period, or another location on the globe). Here are some odd portal incidents to consider when contemplating such a concept - 

Danny Filippidis

I will present a case of a man seeming to defy logic and whose missing-and-found-again status in another location has people wondering if he crossed through some sort of place-shifting portal.

LINK: A man went skiing with his firefighter comrades in New York when he went missing on a Wednesday. The entire mountain was combed extensively. Then, the following Tuesday, he made a call from 2900 miles away near Sacramento, California. 

He was wearing his same goggles and ski wear. He did not fly, they believe, because his ID had been left at the ski lodge. He was confused and did not know how he got there. 

HÃ¥kan Nordkvist 

A Swedish man claimed that under his sink, he found a portal he crawled through to meet his 74-year-old self, compare notes, compare tattoos and more. He  says he captured it on video - 


His story is intriguing and certainly gets the imagination going. (LINK)


Ambrose Bierce was best known as an journalist and author in the times of the Civil War Era. He was often called "Bitter Pierce" for having a very negative overall attitude about mankind and the human experience.

For this time, his work was respected and acknowledged, but other than his sour disposition, there was not much about him to recall for the long-term except from tantalizing oddities.

For one thing, Bierce was preoccupied in his writings about the concept of people just walking away in thin air- disappearing into perhaps another realm in mid-action/mid-step. This showed up in many of his works of supposed reporting of events:

"The Spook House"
"The Difficulty of Crossing a Field
"An Unfinished race"
"Charles Ashmore's Trail"

In "The Difficulty of Crossing a Field," he reported;
"Williamson strolled leisurely down the gravel walk, plucking a flower as he went, passed across the road and into the pasture, pausing a moment as he closed the gate leading into it, to greet a passing neighbor, Armour Wren, who lived on an adjoining plantation. Mr. Wren was in an open carriage with his son James, a lad of thirteen. When he had driven some two hundred yards from the point of meeting, Mr. Wren said to his son: "I forgot to tell Mr. Williamson about those horses."

Mr. Wren had sold to Mr. Williamson some horses, which were to have been sent for that day, but for some reason not now remembered it would be inconvenient to deliver them until the morrow. The coachman was directed to drive back, and as the vehicle turned Williamson was seen by all three, walking leisurely across the pasture. At that moment one of the coach horses stumbled and came near falling. It had no more than fairly recovered itself when James Wren cried: "Why, father, what has become of Mr. Williamson?"

It is not the purpose of this narrative to answer that question.

Mr. Wren's strange account of the matter, given under oath in the course of legal proceedings relating to the Williamson estate, here follows:

"My son's exclamation caused me to look toward the spot where I had seen the deceased [sic] an instant before, but he was not there, nor was he anywhere visible. I cannot say that at the moment I was greatly startled, or realized the gravity of the occurrence, though I thought it singular. My son, however, was greatly astonished and kept repeating his question in different forms until we arrived at the gate. My black boy Sam was similarly affected, even in a greater degree, but I reckon more by my son's manner than by anything he had himself observed. [This sentence in the testimony was stricken out.] As we got out of the carriage at the gate of the field, and while Sam was hanging [sic] the team to the fence, Mrs. Williamson, with her child in her arms and followed by several servants, came running down the walk in great excitement, crying: 'He is gone, he is gone! O God! what an awful thing!' and many other such exclamations, which I do not distinctly recollect. I got from them the impression that they related to something more--than the mere disappearance of her husband, even if that had occurred before her eyes. Her manner was wild, but not more so, I think, than was natural under the circumstances. I have no reason to think she had at that time lost her mind. I have never since seen nor heard of Mr. Williamson."

Ambrose Bierce appeared to have a preoccupation with a Dr. Hern and Dr. Hegel the philosopher.

Source: "According to Bierce, the theories of Dr. Hern had attracted some attention " particularly among the followers of Hegel, and mathematicians who hold to the actual existence of a so-called non·Euclidean space--that is to say, of space which has more dimensions than length, breadth, and thickness ..... space in which it would be possible to tie a knot in an endless cord and to turn a rubber ball inside out without a solution of its continuity, or, in other words, without breaking or cracking it."

It was Dr. Hern's contention that in the visible world that we call our reality there exist void places, vacua, and something more--''holes, as it were, through which animate and inanimate objects may fall into the invisible world and be seen and heard no more." Dr. Hern viewed Space as being pervaded by " . , . luminiferous ether, which is a material thing--as much a substance as air or water, though almost infinitely more attenuated." The scientist believed that "all force, all forms of energy must be propagated in this; every process must take place in it which takes place at all." In an attempt to restate Dr. Hern's theory, Bierce writes: "But let us suppose that cavities exist in this otherwise universal medium, as caverns exist in the earth, or cells in Swiss cheese. In such a cavity there would be absolutely nothing. It would be such a vacuum as cannot be artificially produced; for if we pump the air from a receiver there remains the luminiferous ether. Through one of these cavities light could not pass, for there would be nothing to bear it. Sound could not come from it; nothing could be felt in it. It would not have a single one of the conditions necessary to the action of any of our senses. In such a void, in short, nothing whatever could occur." Bierce next quotes the statement of an anonymous mathematician who had studied the theory of Dr. Hern: "A man enclosed in such a closet could neither see nor be seen; neither hear nor be heard; neither feel nor be felt; neither live nor die, for both life and death are processes which can take place only where there is force, and in empty space no force could exist." Out of genuine concern (or his genuine love of the macabre), Bierce wondered: "Are these the awful conditions under which the friends of the lost are to think of them as existing and doomed forever to exist?" ******

Source: Best known for his short story "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," the journalist and author earned the nickname "Bitter Bierce" for his sarcastic, biting wit. ("Brain: an apparatus with which we think that we think.")

The Civil War veteran also had a morbid fascination with horror and death, both of which became recurring themes in his writing. Bored with life in the U.S., he moved to Mexico in 1913 to witness Pancho Villa's revolution. He was 71. In a letter to his cousin Lora, Bierce didn't attempt to assuage his family's fear about such a trek, writing:

"Good-bye — if you hear of my being stood up against a Mexican stone wall and shot to rags please know that I think that a pretty good way to depart this life. It beats old age, disease, or falling down the cellar stars. To be a Gringo in Mexico — ah, that is euthanasia!"

While in Mexico to report on the war, Bierce went missing, completely unaccounted for and never heard from again.

Some scholars believe he was killed in the siege of Ojinaga in January 1914. Others speculate that Bierce's final letters were a ruse and that he never actually went to Mexico but instead committed suicide.

There is still a wide faction who believe that Bierce, consumed by the concept of walking between the worlds, proceeded to do just that!

To this day, his disappearance is high on the list of unusual famous people who went missing.


In an interesting conversation about the subject, Michio Kaku, the highly respected physicist, suggested that eventually mankind might learn how to slip into another universe. This is intriguing to me because I have come to the personal conclusion that it's more likely the visitors from other worlds are from other parallel worlds, not other planets, also that what we call alien encounters are encounters with previous occupants of our planet who moved on.

Considering all of this, there can be times when one has a glitch - they go through a sort of swinging door and back out again, not sure where they went or what happened....

It was Halloween time and my best friend and I were staying at a hotel in downtown Chandler, Arizona and decided to visit a super over-the-top Halloween haunt house in a neighborhood south of the hotel. What we didn't now was that on our way back, we would jump through a glitch in the time/space continuum.

Coming back from the haunted location, we took the main road that went north and south. The hotel was on this main road. We were headed north from down south when we decided to get some bottled waters for the hotel. At an intersection, we turned right into the Circle K convenience store, passing by a line of parallel parked trucks.

Julie went inside and when she came out, we pulled back out the way we came in, at the lineup of parked trucks and turned right onto the main road to head north more. There was construction on the road, so one couldn't turn south if they wanted to. We started driving and about two blocks along, I looked up and saw the street sign was the cross street where we had gotten the water. We had somehow faced south, but several blocks north of the convenience store.

We had taken no U-turns.

Both of us had to pull over and get oriented. It was a moment in time that gave us some terror chills as there is no sane explanation for how we got where we were, aimed where we were. I pondered in my mind if this was one of those "you decide to take a right turn and enter an alternate version of your world" situations.

A friend on Facebook contacted me to talk about a portal situation in the UK. He was kind enough to share it.

Here is his account -

Having heard you are working on *portal phenomena*.. I'd like to share an incident I had a couple of years back, in the bungalow I reside at in the Hope Valley, Derbyshire.

I'd had to move to this bungalow following the passing of my mum, eight months earlier.. I had lived with my mother all my life and was having to care for her at the end so I was struggling with her loss.

As soon as the landlord offered me the bungalow, I realised there was a bit of a "feel " about the building but had to take it as that was all there was!

Pretty much from the start of when I was settling in I'd been experiencing a lot of aggressive haunting.. The bungalow was freezing and no matter how much heat I brought in,  the place remained cold as if something was absorbing everything I was providing!  

I soon realised I was being really oppressed by some spirit entity that was frequently transgressing on me, sapping my energy, affecting my mental and physical health, my mood swings had turned to total psychotic and my career and life were in a free fall spiral basically.. (classic negative energy possession stuff..) I live on my own but the people I worked with noticed a complete change in my demeanour and I came close to being sacked (or punched) several times.

I had been enduring that state for at least a year, having eventually to approach people with mediumistic skills who did put into some context exactly what was happening and how to cope with it.

Anyway, towards the end of the worst of it, I was getting a lot of early hours disturbances,  usually around 3 AM, not regular as clockwork but often - smoke alarms being set off for no reason, light bulbs blowing, absolutely horrible nightmares... all the classic stuff.

I totally thought I was losing my mind. I should add also that whatever it was that was haunting wouldn't communicate with me (or a medium I brought in) at all!  

Suggestion was made it could have been some ancient spirit from the land or even an elemental.. The bungalow garden backs onto the village (1850s built) church yard, though the village has had settlement back to the Neolithic ages .

One night, utterly demoralised and drained  I dragged myself into the bedroom and the whole room felt charged with some other sort of strange eeriness. As I dropped off to sleep, I started dreaming of people just standing silent around the periphery of the room. The interior of the room was spinning though slowly. (I had gone to bed sober)!  I had many fitsstarting that night. Every time I thought I'd jolted awake, the room was still spinning and these same people were still stood patiently waiting around the room.

The next night was the same... room energy was ramping up into some form of statically charged swirling, Although I started realising there were not just those same people stood around the room waiting, there were many. The inner walls of the room seem to have expanded out into the far distance and dozens and dozens of people were stood around, all in different manner and fashion of dress, some in  really old fashioned costume, some more modernly dressed..  men, women, some fairly close to me were stood calmly, nonchalantly,  having some sort of really mundane conversation.  The only trouble was that as they were talking to each other, their faces were rapidly morphing into the most ghastly gruesome shapes.. far from human, transposing at unbelievable speed as well, though they seemed totally unaffected by the action.  

To me the entire feel of the room was mad panic, fraught, alien. I couldn't rest, mainly because I realised these loitering people were aware of me, yet they still stood patiently waiting as if to be called?? 

The next night, totally exhausted after getting little sleep prior, I crashed out in the bedroom that was freezing in temperature and absolutely full of swirling, dark energy, like walking into total dread. I turned around, went back to the living room next door (where the atmosphere was eerie but not half as bad) . I spent the next two nights sleeping in an armchair in front of the television.

When I eventually did venture back to my bed, I couldn't believe how different the energy was, a lot less swirling, slightly calmer. I dropped off to sleep and still got the sense of many many people stood around, but the whole scenario had shifted down the way,  as if the entire scene had moved a hundred yards or so further away and it had pulled those waiting people along with it as well.. And the night after the same again, much further away and I realised the thing was moving, slowly travelling on ponderously!

That was that, thank goodness. I remember the experience as a very frightening week in which I nearly gave up and lost my marbles all together! Whatever the phenomena was that had appeared in the bedroom seemed to be a transient force moving under its own volition as I hadn't made any attempt to invite it in or move it out. 

After that occurrence I noticed that the haunting eased off for a long while.. (It resumed afterwards, and is still pertinent to this day, still mind boggling at times but not half as menacingmind you, after all that, I am more able to manage the situation now)!

I thought this paranormal experience may have been unique to me but I just happened to catch a very similar story on an episode of.. (and I'm not 100% sure if correct or not) .. "The Most Frightening Night Of My Life," an American paranormal TV programme.. In fact at the time I almost thought they'd pilfered my own experience..  (I had recorded it in a blog around the time). The story of that similar haunting had details that matched mine and literally gave me goosebumps when I watched it!!


Following Julie's and my experience in the car, I had a few more what I would call odd time glitches. I would be watching a movie scene, look down and look back up and the scene started again. Once, I went into my room but suddenly it seemed to be all out of order, furnishings in weird places, not at all like I had it laid out. I stepped back into the hallway and back into the room and it was my normal room again. 

Over a month or so, the odd glitches stopped, but it made me wonder - did I shift into another version of my life in a parallel realm and, if so, is that a good thing? 

For those interested in these concepts, check out Mandela Effect. It's very intriguing....