Tuesday, August 13, 2019

GhostStop: One Stop Ghosting Shopping

Ghost investigators, hobbyists, and even homeowner check out equipment utilized on modern-day ghost investigations. At some point, you're going to want to see what's out there and what might fit your needs. There is one site that holds a great number of possibilities and it's called GhostStop.

The shop not only has the most extensive lineup of ghosting equipment, but also offers listings of tours, investigations, how to find a team, and a place to request an investigation.

Located in Saint Cloud, Florida, the store is stocked with footstep tracker geophones, mel meters, 360-degree cameras, REM pods, Spirit Boxes, FLIR thermal imagers, laser grids, and so much more!

One of the most adorable and intriguing finds is the Boo Bear. It is a trigger object with an EMF meter built inside so the belly and paws lights up if anything fluctuates in the electromagnetic field.

I've been on the market for a REM pod to add to our team's tools.  If you watch the show "Ghosts of Morgan City" you have likely seen them utilizing a REM pod often as an indicator of a presence in the room. The tool basically puts out a magnetic field around itself that when broken can set off the device's warnings. The REM pod offered at GhostStop also includes temperature. It offers lights to alert of temperature change (blue cool, red warm).

It is great to see a shop that is run neatly, organized, not sensational, but practical. This is where I'll be hanging out to weigh my options and purchase equipment.

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