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Dogman: This Ain't Fight Club

This is a special guest post by one of my favorite researchers - Mark Machek, Owner of regarding Dogman. Be prepared to be informed! 

There seems to be an increase in people who present their speculation as to the origin of the creature referred to as Dog-man. With the obvious increase in encounters it makes sense that the topic would become more known, and discussed. There is nothing wrong with questioning, and having an opinion. However; when people spread that opinion and give themselves the label of expert there is an increase in people who take what is being said as being the truth, and in some cases the gospel. Some offer advice on dealing with the presence of these creatures, and could very well be making the situation worse. The majority of them have never had an encounter with one of these beings and are simply parroting what others say, and using the testimony of witnesses as a platform to elevate their status. In my opinion; this does not do anything to solve the mystery of Dog-man, but it does increase awareness of the topic. 

What is a Dog-man?

There are many researchers who speculate this very question and some examples of what they could be are: Werewolves, Skin-walkers, Shape-Shifters, Half-Man / Wolf Creatures, the Loup Gouru, Genetically Engineered Beings, Alien Beings, Creatures of Antiquity, or something completely unknown. The fact that so many people encounter these beings makes all of these theories plausible. There is something about the encounter that draws from these possibilities to that particular individual's experience. The truth is that no one knows for sure what these beings are, but one thing is for sure and that is that an encounter can be very frightening. I want to explore some of the possibilities and share some of my own opinions with you all in this article.

Contrary to what you have been told by the misinformation campaigns of some people within the Dog-man interest group, I personally have encountered these beings on three occasions. Of those encounters there have been two distinct different types that I have crossed paths with while researching Bigfoot. Those would be the K-9 Variant, and the Type 3 variant as mentioned on Vic Cundiff's Dogman Encounters website. There have been reports given by individuals who encounter creatures who have characteristics that are different from these two types. These reported creatures don't always completely fit the profile of the Type 3, or K-9 Variant and that makes it difficult to classify them. Could these be misidentified creatures?

Misidentified Bigfoot

To the inexperienced person; a Bigfoot encounter can be very frightening, because the individual is seeing something that isn't supposed to exist. When a person encounters a muzzled, or snout-ed Bigfoot it could be easily mistaken as a Type 3 Dog-man. When a person encounters something unknown their psyche tends to try to class it based on things that the person has come in to contact with during their life. If the creature has a short muzzle, and pointed ears it could be that the person's mind makes them think of a dog. This can happen on a conscious, and subconscious level. Even though the person makes that classification; that doesn't mean that the observation is correct, and the creature could be something completely different if observed at a different level. This can create a vacuum of unintentional untruth related to what the witness experienced. This doesn't change the fact that the person encountered something, and it doesn't detract any of the stress created by the experience. It is important for the person having the experience to do something to cope with the event.

Werewolves – Skin-walkers – Shapeshifters? 

Throughout history there have been reports of people who roam about as a man during the day, but change into a Wolf-man under the light of the full moon. This concept has been glamorized by Hollywood, but the lore and legend surrounding this topic has to have some factual basis for them to exist in the first place. There are histories carried by many Native American tribes that deal with this subject. I do not know these histories, and probably wouldn't relate them out of respect for my ancestral lineage if I did know them. From all of the information I have seen on the internet relating to this topic I would say that it is probably a good idea to leave these practices alone.

Half-Man / Half-Wolf Creatures

Throughout history there have been reports of dog-headed men existing in crude tribes, or communities. The Cynocephali were one such group that were reported by explorers and were documented in literary works. They were reported to be savage and fierce creatures who had no language. There is even mention of Saint Christopher being portrayed in works of art as having the head of a dog. It is related in the article that he repented of his old ways and was gifted human appearance by Christ. You can read more about this on the Gods and Monsters website article about the Cynocephali.

In Egyptian ancient religious hierarchy we know of the Anubis type creature whom had the head of a jackal and the body of a man. Known as the God of death, the Underworld, and the caretaker of the dead he was purported to also play a role in the judgment of a person's soul in the afterlife. What is interesting is that the Wikipedia entry relating to Anubis relates that he played little part in Egyptian mythology, even though he was the most talked about. Books and movies have given Anubis a reputation that is untrue to what his historical representation relates, and he was revered by many due to the establishment of the ideology that upon death people would be respected and judged fairly. (Wikipedia)

Loup Garou?

I am very familiar with the legend of the Loup Garou, and have to say that it is interesting and perplexing at the same time. Some artistic representations show this creature as being part man, and part wolf, or something similar to a wolf-man. Others depict this being as looking like a K-9 Variant of the Dog-man. Could it be that when people of Southern states encounter these creatures they get them mixed up? Louisiana is a mysterious place, steeped in tradition, lore, and legend and these are the things that makes it a place that many people want to visit. According to the legends the Loup Garou is a curse that is passed from person to person. The curse is passed from the afflicted person to another when blood from the cursed person is spilled. Supposedly at that point the curse is transferred to the person causing harm to the Loup Garou. The newly afflicted person carries the curse for a number of days at that point. People who have encountered the Loup Garou relate that it looks like a wolf-man, and it is often seen wearing clothes.

Genetically Engineered Creatures? 

This idea has been propagated since before the era of Adolf Hitler who embarked on a search for the components necessary to create a hybrid super soldier. There were many experiments that took place in an effort to achieve this goal, but all of these accounts relate that there was little success in doing so. With the defeat of Hitler there is speculation that scientists that worked under his command continued their search for the ultimate super soldier when they were recruited by the United States. We know that many scientists came here after the war and continued their work. It is possible that the advances in genetics have extended the capability to science to create beings who have both human and animal characteristics. I know this sounds very much like something from a Sci-Fi movie, but recently there have been reports of scientists accomplishing the creation of genetic chimeras. It stands to reason that governments and militaries across the world would be interested in this capability. Creating something that has the best attributes of known animals would be something that is not only scary, but intriguing at the same time.

I remember the times that I would be hanging out in the voice chats that we would often have and get visited by a guy by the name of Dennis Marsh. He and his son Rocky would come into our chats and post things that sounded very outlandish. We all suspected they were there just to stir up trouble and they would abruptly be removed from the chat. Why would this be something of concern? Well; let me tell you that it was because of the things they would say. They would relate that they were researching in an area and would come upon a hidden facility that was surrounded by a tall chain link fence. They related that they watched men in lab coats out walking chimera type creatures around the grounds like someone would walk their dog. At the time; this sounded very outlandish, but looking back it doesn't sound that way at all. One of the other claims they made was that they had shot and killed a Bigfoot in Oklahoma. They related that the creature was recovered by government agents in helicopters. Somehow Marsh ET AL had deduced that the creature had some kind of tracking device implanted into it. How they came up with this idea I personally don't know. Marsh and the members of his group would not be allowed to stay in the chat for very long. I wonder how the people who have those same ideas today would feel if they were removed from expressing their experiences, or information in what was supposed to be an open forum.

Granted; this doesn't confirm that Dog-man creatures are genetically engineered, but it does show the possibility through capability. We have heard accounts from eyewitnesses relating that Dog-man type creatures have been utilized for military operations. Is this true? I have no idea, but I did receive the following information from an anonymous source: 

While I was living in a rural area; I began to have encounters with Bigfoot creatures. The majority of the time I would see them at a distance, and I would always steer clear of them when I was out hunting or hiking in the woods. The encounters, or sightings were frequent and this was very interesting to me because it seemed like the area was densely populated with these creatures. I had to tell someone about what I was experiencing, and decided that I was going to call a friend and relate the events to him. I did so, and he found it interesting as well. 

That evening no more than three hours after I got off the phone with my friend I noticed a strange vehicle in the area. This wasn't your standard SUV, truck, or car. This was an MRAP styled vehicle, and it drove right past my home and into an area where these creature frequented. Later that night there were people with flashlights spotted in an open field that didn't have anything in it. These men were spotted because they were heard yelling back and forth to each other like they were searching for something. This back and forth banter continued for a few hours, and then ceased altogether. 

The next night I happened to be outside after dark to retrieve something from my vehicle. It was a clear night and you could see the stars in the sky. When I turned to walk back into my home I happened to look up at the sky and could see a large, low flying military aircraft gliding through the sky. It glided past and out of my view, and there were no sounds emanating from the engine. This seemed a little odd to me so I stood there for a while, and about ten or so minutes later it passed overhead again. Same scenario, gliding low at tree top level and no engine sound. 

This was very strange because I got the impression that they may have been looking for something via a scan of some sort. I questioned why they might be doing this over privately owned property, but had no real idea what was going on. It is not uncommon to see military flights in this area, and I passed it off as some kind of training, or something like that. 

not the actual barn 

Across one of the fields near my home there is an old, unused barn that is in the process of being reclaimed by the trees, brush, and vines. I had long suspected that the Bigfoot in the area might have been using this structure to shelter in because it was rarely visited by humans, and would be the perfect spot for them to hide out. I had never gone to this structure to investigate because I felt it best to leave them be as they weren't bothering anyone. 

After four days, or so of these weird people, and events taking place it seemed like things had calmed down. One night myself and a friend walked out under the stars to stargaze. We were standing there looking into the sky and noting how clear it was and that you could see every star that was in the sky. The dogs were walking around doing dog stuff, sniffing, and peeing.

We were standing there by the edge of the road looking up into the sky and marveling at the massive expanse of the universe. We began to talk and I happened to glance down the road. When I did I saw something sleek, low to the ground, and extremely fast run across the road. It was running so fast that it almost looked like a flash of movement. In my mind I was telling myself that it had to be a deer running from something, or that had been spooked. It ran in the direction of the old barn, and I figured it was an old buck deer that had been spotted bedding down in the area of growth near the barn. I didn't think anything else of it for a few seconds. 

I turned to tell my friend about the deer and when I turned back that's when it was standing back at the edge of the road where it had crossed. It was a huge, dark silhouette of what appeared to be a werewolf like creature. 

This thing was huge, and it was about the size of a very large grizzly bear, or bigger. It stood there on all fours, with it's head turned toward us like it was looking directly at us. I'm seeing it and there is silence coming from my friend until I ask if they can see it too. The reply was a quick and short yes, I see it, and let's get out of here. 

I had a flashlight and decided that I wanted to get a better look at this thing, so I turning the light on and shined it directly on the creature. I don't know how, but as soon as the light hit this thing it disappeared. There was nowhere for it to run to, because it was standing in a wide open space and if it had taken off running I would have seen that. 

As I shined the light on it, the dogs became aware of it and took off running down the road in the direction of where the creature was standing. They went down to the exact spot where the creature was standing and sniffed the ground for a minute or so before returning back to us. I know I wasn't seeing things because the dogs went to the exact spot and sniffed, and growled around the area. 

How this creature had simply vanished remains a mystery to me, and has me scratching my head until this day. After that night there seemed to be a steady decrease in overall activity from the Bigfoot creatures. I can't say that it was the result of the Dog-man being in the area, and I can't say that the Dog-man was in the area due to the military presence that was spotted in the area either. All I can do is relate the events as I observed them.

This is a very interesting account from the witness. I'll admit it sounds a little bit on the outlandish side, but the question we should be asking is what if it is true? There will probably be a lot of people who want to say that this is not true, because they live in the world of some things being impossible. We have no idea what kind of technology exists, and what flavor of gadgetry is being used by militaries and governments around the world. It is my opinion that discounting stories like this could be a mistake. There are reports of technologies that were used in wartime environments that caused people to hallucinate, and hear things that weren't actually there. Could this be a factor in why this creature was able to disappear as it was reported?

Something Unknown?

There are reports of encounters with creatures who resemble upright walking hyenas, and other variations that don't really fit into the typical description of the Dog-man. Could these creatures be something that people are misidentifying? From a historical standpoint there are mentions made in the annals of history that talk about strange creatures that could be mistaken for Dog-men. One of the most prominent that comes to mind is Cat-People. This could account for some characteristics like short muzzles, oddly shaped hands, and color variations, or striping. Striping is present in both felines, and canines. Dogs and cats both have multiple eyelids, and this could be a trait that is present in these creatures as well. Multiple eyelids could also be a factor in why some people see different colors of eye-shine when encountering these creatures. I also believe it is possible that they may be able to see in spectrum's that humans can't. I wrote an article that contains information from a scientific study that correlates the possibility of this being the case in known animals. You can read the article here.

The worst case scenario!

What if is a question that I ask a lot. Often I don't have a lot of factual documentation to support the ideas that I come up with, but looking at history gives credence to some of the ideas that I have. We know that there has been; from a historical standpoint, a huge push to develop a weapon system, or super soldier to do the dirty work when it comes to war. There have been people who have tried to achieve this accomplishment throughout history, and we do not know the true nature of the successes and failures that were the result of this. What if you could take the most desirable traits from all of the animals on earth and combine them into one creature. You could potentially have the ultimate weapon to unleash upon your enemies.

Don't get me wrong! I am not saying that Bigfoot and Dog-man are the result of this type of experimentation. The possibility does exist though that these creatures could have been captured in the past and characteristics extracted from them to be used in a chimera type experiment. I have heard other researchers pose this theory as a possibility. I don't believe anyone has painted the picture of the potential that the theory represents. This is what a creature of this nature could represent to a person who happens to encounter it.

Something that is the depiction of, or sparks the mental picture of something from a nightmare. One of the many possible fears that a person has that is actually come to life.

The ability to modulate its vibration frequency to become invisible, cast fear upon a person as a vibration to incite an emotional response, make a person hallucinate, cause a person to go into a trance of some sort, use infra sound, and the ability to put thoughts into a persons head without them knowing it.

Incomprehensible speed, agility, and strength. Ninja-like ability to hide, move, and navigate the shadows.

Intelligence with extreme problem solving ability.

A sense of smell so strong that it can smell what you had for breakfast on any given day, two weeks ago.

The ability to see in total darkness, possibly read thermal signatures.

The ability to mimic any sound that it hears. Voice throwing.

The ability to use echo-location.


The mystery of Dogman eludes valid explanation, and we may never really fully understand the true nature of these beings. There appears to be an increase in encounters with these types of creatures. If you find that you are having encounters on your property I have written two articles that may help you deal with the scenario in a responsible manner. The first deals with ways that you could possibly discourage the cryptids from coming around. There are some practices that I would not recommend and I created the second article which relates things that I feel are bad ideas to enact when you are trying to get them to stop coming around. These two articles present concepts to consider, but they are not foolproof, and there are no guarantees that the methods will work all of the time and every time. Dealing with these types of encounters can also be very stressful, and as hard as it may be to talk with someone about your experiences it is usually the best thing that is going to help you cope with your encounters. We may never fully understand the true nature of these creatures, where they come from, what they are, but we can draw ideas from similarities that we come in to contact with from eyewitnesses to form an understanding. 



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