Sunday, July 14, 2019

Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation: History Channel

UFO shows have come and gone. Most are interesting simply for the witness accounts, photos, and videos. Seeing is sometimes believing. History Channel (my favorite) has done it again with a slick, beautifully edited, amazingly produced and compelling, intelligent show involve UFOs and our need to know. What are governments hiding? What are UFOs capable of? And is anyone going to step up and be sure we the public know what's what? The answers are Yes, Things we can't do yet, and Yes - Luis Elizondo and a team of elite ex-government workers in the know.

I'm not even sure how to rate this fantastic series that just finished up. It is the best UFO show I have ever seen by far because it actively pursued insider info and other governments' candid shares to get to the meat of the UFO dilemma.

This is not only beautifully done and intelligent, but so riveting that I don't want to leave the TV until it's completely over. That's extremely rare for me as I'm a chronic multitasking maniac.

I've talked a few times on the blog about my lifelong contactee situations and I openly admit that I am very skeptical and logical by nature and so making sense of these has come in the form of studying how they come and go, how they communicate and their physicality.

I have pushed the limits during encounters and made some mental notes of a mode of transport that I don't believe needs technology. I have many questions and not a lot of strong belief in them actually coming from planets thousands of light years away, but something rather parallel to our world.

There is, to me, no reason why many worlds can't occur simultaneously and have only capabilities of interacting under rare occasions given the way matter presents itself and is utilized or even not utilized by other parallel worlds.

This is by far my favorite UFO show ever!

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