Thursday, July 4, 2019

Neanderthal Traits in Bigfoot

Many times people point to Neanderthal when describing Bigfoot. There is an assumption there must be a lineage there, although not purebred, as Neanderthal were short fellows. But, there are some interesting comparisons that makes one wonder if Bigfoot carry the DNA of Neanderthal like Europeans, although perhaps at a higher percentage.  Here's just some reasons why -


Wide chest
Shorter legs in proportion to body length compared to us
Wider hips
Prominent brow ridge
Large eyes
Wide nose
Slanted forehead.

The larger eyes of Neanderthal were believed to be because of living in lower lights in the Northern latitudes, higher elevations, forested areas. In fact, their bigger body mass and larger eyes meant more of their brains were devoted to visual and body control performances. (LINK) Bigfoot are reported with very large eyes and doing much of their work at nighttime. 

With more massively built bodies and larger eyes, more of their brain was focused on body control and vision. Those centers of the brains for them were much larger and their talents would lie in keen vision and interpretation as well as athletic prowess and body control (standing still to not be seen).

Neanderthal also had large feet in comparison to height and this might have been necessary for a dense, muscular body to support it or for a mountainous region of adaptation. The average Neanderthal male was 5'4" tall but his feet were 10". Bigfoots' footprints often overwhelm people with their size, but it could be that we should not extrapolate their height to foot ratio like our own. Their feet may have been adapted like Neanderthal to handle a very muscular heavy frame. I put together a foot length to height ratio formula based on Neanderthal's ratio. LINK

24" Sasquatch footprint would be around 156" height (13').

20" Sasquatch footprint would be around 130" height (10'8")

Sasquatch footprint would be around 117" height (9'7-1/2")

16" Sasquatch footprint would be around 104" height (8'6")

14" Sasquatch footprint would be around 91"  height (7'6")

Turbo breathing - Neanderthal could take in twice as much O2 with breathing. LINK 
Bigfoot are often reported to have bursts of uphill climbs and heavy breathing, incredible lung capacity.

I've taken a photo of a reenactment of a Neanderthal man's appearance and added hair.

Perhaps we share an ancestor with the Tall Ones....


  1. Sorry, total nonsense. Per Dr. Melba Ketchum's published 2012 Sasquatch Genome Project clearly there is no Neanderthal DNA whatsoever in Sasquatch. Out of the over 300 Neanderthal skeletons science has dug up none has a sagittal crest or a mid tarsal break, among numerous other important differential anatomical characteristics. Under no scientific circumstance does a Sasquatch equal or even vaguely approximate Neanderthal, although both competed for survival on the same landscape for close to half a million years, or more.

    1. This is still quite open as Dr. Ketchum's "study" was not peer reviewed. As of yet, it is still very much up in the air what DNA-wise a Bigfoot is. You might want to read my post on the left-hand side of the blog about the possible evolution of Bigfoot

    2. It had already completed peer review before the lawyers got involved and instructed Nature Magazine to back off publication; which is the reason why Ketchum decided to purchase an already existing scientific Journal for publication of the already peer reviewed study. Seven different high profile Labs blind tested Sasquatch DNA samples and all came up with exactly the same result, although each had been given different samples to test. The DNA was regressed to approximately 400+k years. Some of those very same Labs were trusted by the American Government to accurately test human remains from the 911 disaster and to reliably identify the victims, so this was science at its best, done right. None of it was a hoax and all of it was scientifically sound. The world standard depository of planet earth's scientifically sequenced DNA genomes, GenBank, has accepted the genome and announced the official Sasquatch designation name as Homo sapiens cognatus, meaning related to humans by way of blood, since the Sasquatch mitochondrial DNA tested 100% human female. While the species of the novel male nuclear DNA remains unknown - there are no known or surviving members of its ur species - it is clear that what we today term Sasquatch is in fact a hybridized species - very rare and, from a genetics point of view, something which should not biologically exist but in fact does exist, leaving tremendously complex questions concerning genetics unanswered. And incidentally, because its existence is no longer in doubt science has moved on to the complexities of how this hunter-gatherer culture survives. Interestingly, its confirmed existence now becomes a legitimate branch of Anthropology and, more than that, a dangerous subject which the philosophy of ethics and global rights would rather sidestep altogether because of the implications deriving from a newly recognized hominid species which is 100% female human. Does the United Nations Charter of Rights therefore not also apply to them? We have now only just begun!