My 5 Horror Movies on a Desert Island

Did you ever play the - 5 books/5 items/5 movies/5 songs I'd take with me if I were stuck on a desert island? Well, today I'm playing my 5 horror movie choices to satisfy all my needs if they are the only 5 I can watch forever. I had to concentrate on each movie satisfying a few needs.

Jaws: Wanting one monster movie for my collection, this film is my choice as it is also my favorite movie ever. It is storytelling at its best and I adore the characters. Watching "Jaws" takes me back to the 70s, the beach (my favorite place) and sea life. It's easy to watch a million times.

Halloween: For a classic Halloween-related movie and also a slasher-feeling flick, this one is the favorite. I watch it many times a year so it goes without saying I'd wear this one out. It's a typical terrorizing teen-killing movie.

The Haunting: This early 1960s black and white film is a classic haunted house scenario with moody music, darkness, gothic feel. If I want a ghost story, this is what I'd pop on. If I want to be in a dark spooky home (the opposite of the island I'm stuck on), this is ideal!

Rear Window: This classic Hitchcock flick satisfies a stalker-ish feel for a flick. It's beautiful and classy and also tells a story with great characters and tension. It involves a few big-time actors/actresses so if I'm feeling nostalgic, I'm satisfied.

Snowbeast: I had to throw in a youth-terror movie that involves Bigfoot. This one was my favorite of the Bigfoot movies with 70s idols and some good tense moments. If I'm feeling nostalgic for my youth and the outdoors and the cold (hey, I'm stuck on a desert island), this is the one!

What are your five horror movies?