Halloween 2019 - in Stores Now!

Target Store

It's July, but the stores know that we anticipate Halloween in the dog days of summer. And they know they can get us into the cool air-conditioning to peruse and fall in love with the new lineup. Let's take a look at some of the items for 2019 coming out for our beloved Halloween season - 

Target is going for playful and quirky this year. It's family friendly and a bit Addam's Family in design. It's stylish yet gothic.

I try not to play favorites, but I cannot help admiring how GrandInRoad mixes vintage feel with gothic horror and beauty all into one. Their buyer definitely has an eye for Halloween decorations and makes it more Halloween Home Decorating that seamlessly fits into a tablescape or landscape. 

As always, Michaels has Spooky Town sets up the wazoo. They are hard not to acquire new parts each season to grow your display. But, they also are known for some bedazzled and bejeweled Halloween items, crafts like ceramics you can paint on, and wonderful vintage-themed items. I am especially pleased by their continuing to carry 1940s-60s feeling Halloween vintage and Poe-themed gothic crows and the like. 

Oriental Trading Company is an awesome party supply store and their prices are super reasonable! 

Party City

Party City is especially good for affordable costumes of a HUGE variety. They are also good for supplies for parties and last year I came across a specialty store - they took a Party City and made it a Halloween store like Spirit Halloween does. It had some similar items, but a LOT that were unique. They totally get the season. 

Joann is a fabulous shop for fabrics and construction of ghostly specters and the like. They have reasonably-priced Halloween items that can add that little edge to your home decor without having to compromise your home's design aesthetic. 


Sweet Midnight

If you want to display your love for the season year-round in fashion - go to my favorite shop - Sweet Midnight.

Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween shops around the country crop up around Labor Day time, either just before or just after. Going to them at least a few times before Halloween is standard. The animatronics are always epic and if you are patient and also sign up for their newsletters, you can get great coupons or wait until into October and they begin pricing down. Pretty much if you want decor and costumes, this is the favorite place. I know I like to shop there for items for year-round in clothing and decor, but that's just me - Halloween nut!

I readily admit, I'm not a fan of Hobby Lobby's dismissive attitude about Halloween. They go overboard on autumn decorations and a few happy items, but they are definitely not even in my top 10 shops to find real Halloween gear. Still, some people like this place, so I'm including it. 

If you want to get into the mood, I highly suggest my book "Adult Halloween: Taking Back the Season!" It's all about how to make Halloween sexier, spookier, more nostalgic and the like. It is chock full of recipes, crafts, and ideas for parties. You are going to be totally ready to take on the season!