Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Giant and Unusual Skulls From Around the World!

Copper Island Mound Michigan

Around the world, skulls of unusual qualities, either "otamid," robust, archaic, gigantic, and naturally elongated have been found and documented, yet we find academics waving their hands and ignoring them. Let's take a look at some of these documented finds - 

These giant jaws were on display in Turkey in the Erzurum Hotel.

Karankawa (extinct) tribe, Texas Coast

Warner Valley Oregon

Sealand Skull, Denmark

"Missy" skull - Arizona, USA

Humboldt Sink Skull from Nevada, USA

Texas, USA

Bojomi Georgia, Caucasus Mountains

1830s Mandan tribe (extinct and reported with blue and gray eyes - see upper right) 

Flathead tribes of Pacific Northwest USA (Salish)

7-foot tall pre-Maori from New Zealand

Bodo cranium 600,000 years old

Humboldt Museum (old display they took down) Nevada

Paracus Peru

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