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Ancient Giant Tribes

It's not just stories of ancient giant tribes that were passed down through the ages, but actual skeletons recovered all around the country, especially the Ohio Valley area, that lead us to on inescapable truth - there used to be giants upon the land. But, what happened to them? Were they beat out by paleo-indians like modern man beat out Neanderthal and Denisovans? 

Let's look at only some of the tribes spoken of -

The Karankawa were a tribe in Coastal Texas from Galveston to Corpus Christi.  They became extinct in 1860 following warring and newly introduced diseases by the Europeans.  Reported as tattooed all over with piercings,  extremely tall, up to 7  feet and practiced head flattening.  They were said to practice cannibalism on their enemies.  It was felt they might have originated from a Carib tribe in the Caribbean because of their enormous height.

The origins of the Ronnongwetowanca tribe in the Ohio Valley, according to David Cusick, a Tuscorora Indian goes, "when the Great Spirit made the people, some of them became giants...The people banded together to destroy them with a force of 800 warriors and annihilated them." (supposedly occurring in 1000 BC).

In 1924, a cave in Nevada revealed the remains of giant red-haired skeletons. This was referred to as the clan of the red-haired giants, supposedly according to lore, trapped in the cave and annihilated by the Paiute indians.  This giant tribe called Si-Te-Cah, were said to be 12 feet tall and very vicious.

Conneaut giants were discovered by Aaron Wright in the 1800s in Ohio.  The skeletons unearthed were said to be men of gigantic stature, related to giants.  They also had copper axes.

The Adena (slender body with long narrow heads) and the Archaics (massive bone structure, short heads).  Supposedly these tribes lived in the Ohio Valley.  These tribes were said to be 8-12  feet tall!

You think these were just legends? Well, there's proof! Here's just some of the many skeletons unearthed- 

West Virginia - unearthed a skeleton that was 10 feet 9 inches long!
Ohio - three skeletons unearthed, all over 8 feet tall (double rows of teeth). Also, Buried couples were found over 8-9 feet tall. As well, near the Ohio River and enormous skeleton was found with double rows of teeth.
Indiana - a 9 foot 8 inch skeleton was found with a mica necklace on its neck.

Minnesota - 10 adult skeletons found of gigantic size.  Also in Minnesota - 7 skeletons in sitting position were found, 7 to 8 feet tall (double rows of teeth).

Interestingly, the Indians spoken to long ago said the legend was these giant tribes were here before they were. This might actually support the concept of the giants being the Indigenous American tribes and the paleo-indians being the first immigrants. 

These skeletons were mostly dug up in the 19th century and early 20th century. Supposedly, the proof was secreted away by the Smithsonian.  It will be necessary to find more mounds, dig up more skeletons today and not let anyone secret them away. There are certainly plenty more relics to show the ancient giants did exist. I'm not certain what the Smithsonian had against the knowledge except perhaps the politics involved in what was done with Native Americans if they weren't really the original residents or they saw the giants as some kind of horrifying aberration in a religious context.  It also disrupts nearly all of the museums' displays and the history touted of evolution and ancient man. Talk about turning over the apple cart! 

It's only a matter of time before we uncover more proof of ancients and with our DNA retrieving capabilities, we may learn a great deal about these people and if they mated with modern man or kept to themselves. 

The ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) were reportedly inhabited by a giant tribe described by Spanish explorers. (LINK)

The Bible referred to giant tribes such as the Rephaims, Nephilim, Jebusites, Amorites, and more.

We do a lot of pondering of why governments and religions hide the giants that are still walking among us and the ones that are dug up of olden times.  There is one threat that has not been discussed and that is the one repeated in religious documents - 

A wicked people are wiped out by God-created calamity to make way for another race of man upon the earth. The ancient flood in the Bible speaks of Noah and his family repopulating the earth. What if these "others" are a contingency population to take over if God decides to get rid of Homo sapiens? Would this knowledge humble us? Terrify us? 

Whoever the giants were or are, their very existence strikes a note in us of both horror and intrigue.

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