Alien Oddities in Nevada

Nevada is the keeper of the great secrets that conspiracy theorists feast upon - Area 51. But, other than Groom Lake, how does Nevada enjoy it's alien reputation? Here's some fun businesses and things to do in Nevada -

Perhaps best known of the alien-fun areas in Nevada is the Little A'Le'Inn. This fun gem for drinks and even rooms and tours near Area 51 is in Rachel, Nevada.

This rest stop (above) in Amargosa Valley off highway 95 includes a mini mart, restaurant, and even a brothel with alien themes. 

The Alien Cathouse Brothel (above) is found on Highway 95 in Amargosa Valley. 

In Hiko, you can find ET Fresh Jerky (above)

In Hiko you can also find the Alien Research Center (above). 

In Beatty, you can find the Atomic Inn (above)