Using Glow Sticks in the Summertime

We think of glow sticks as a fun item for Halloween, but buy a bag of them online at places like Amazon. Use them this summer. If fireflies can glow, so can your summer fun!
Camping Lights to light the camp softly and for guiding the way on the bathroom breaks, as well as in-tent night light.

Romantic backyard glow. Glow sticks can make a backyard evening barbecue, moonlight swim, or romantic stargazing even better! Put inside of balloons and blow them up and tie off. Set them on the ground, hang them from trees, or even better - float them on the pool! Reuse water bottles by putting a glow stick in them with water and do lawn bowling. Cut a styrofoam ball in half and set flat side on table, stick thin glow sticks from it for a center piece. Line a sidewalk path with them. Pour into a mason jar with water and shake for a great table light. Put in candlestick holders in place of candles that would blow out.

Enjoy your summer evening with the soft lights that create nighttime romance and adventure. 

Even consider lighting your blanket fort on a rainy day to movie watch indoors.