Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Unusual Things To Do In Your State This Summer

Try something different this summer. Check out calendars for your state.

Bat watching in Texas

Synchronous Firefly Watching in Tennessee

Burning of Zozobra Ceremony in New Mexico

North Carolina Gold Event

Northern California Pirate Festival

West Virginia Roadkill Cookoff

Wisconsin Cow Chip Throwing Festival

Florida Underwater Music Festival 

Ohio Duct Tape Festival

Chicago Illinois Tequila Tasting Festival

Wyoming Cheyenne Frontier Days

Nevada Burning Man Event

Indiana PBR Bullfest


Be sure to check your state's events calendar to find out about summer festivals. Also, check into SciFi Cons and Steampunk events. If your state is known for growing some summer items like watermelon, cherries, or garlic, look up the festivals they surely have going on this summer. There are camping and music events, as well as Fourth of July fun in each state. Most states have viewing areas for bats or fireflies. There are also lots of water events at lakes, rivers, and oceans. Check out bonfire events, as well. Don't forget pirate events

There is no excuse not to do something unusual this summer. Document it. Share on Instagram and Facebook. Let the world know how much fun resides in your own backyard.

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