Thursday, June 13, 2019

Town Abandoned Because of Bigfoot!

The lovely town called Port Chatham/Portlock in Alaska seems like an idyllic location, but today it is vacated. What happened to the village? Why did people leave? The reasons might be some of the most chilling ever told.

Established in the late 1700s, the village was lived in and worked in until 1950 when those that remained left in a rush.

In the early 1900s, the workers kept leaving the cannery because of unexplained events that plagued them. 

Plaguing the area also was the fact that the miners and hunters went missing. Some turned up looking carelessly slaughtered, floating in a nearby lagoon. 

One man was hit in the head by a piece of heavy logging equipment, crushing his skull and killing him.  

Some reported huge footprints measuring 18 inches and scenes of bloody animal kills. Others witnessed a big hairy man messing with fishing traps.

Bodies began showing up with signs of slaughter and not bear-like. The citizens grew frightened at the intensity and frequency of something stalking them.

When they left around 1949, the citizens left an abandoned mine, abandoned cannery, and homes. By 1950, the last resident, the postmaster, left. 

Today, the village is empty. At least, of human occupants. 

The native people of the area call them, the nantiinaq, half man/half beast hairy creatures.

The village will likely remain abandoned forever. There are some local areas that have citizens and industry, but that particular tip of the peninsula is vacant. 

It would seem the only residents now are the Nantiinaq. 


  1. Sounds similar to what happened in the Emerald triangle in California where 3 people were killed by supposedly a sasquatch