The Cabin Bar and Grill, Heber-Overgaard, Arizona

I took a trek with my best friend up on the Mogollon Rim in Arizona in a place called Heber-Overgaard. There, we pulled into The Cabin Bar and Grill. 

We admittedly went there for one particular menu item - 

After going to The Lodge in Tempe, Arizona for a Sasquatch Burger, my friend and I decided we needed to make a point of ordering any Bigfoot-related food when we find it. 

The burger was smoky from a real grill, the chilies soft and sweet, the mushrooms prefectly sauteed, the cheese super melted and the bacon super crisp. It came on a perfect buttery bun. 

The wait staff was so sweet and helpful and the atmosphere so relaxed in the pines. It was hard to get up and leave when we were done, but when we did, we walked away to look up at a second floor open set of doors with a dog on a porch up above looking down on us like, "hey, whazzup? Have a fun time on The Rim." 

Perfect setting, perfectly satisfying burger. I highly recommend!