The Beach House, Phoenix, AZ

It was a hot day and my best friend and I were down on Camelback Road in Phoenix and decided to stop in at a landmark cool restaurant to enjoy the atmosphere. What we didn't expect was that the food was just as enjoyable!

The Beach House found at 5th St. and Camelback in Phoenix is easy to spot with a VW van  and a big smiley face sign.

It has such a vintage beach vibe and salty weather-worn look with clean casual dining tables scattered under happy shelter with plants and birds around. The open-air feel and decidedly beachy vibe truly make you feel you're at a Mexico or California beach.

I ordered one of each - grilled and fried fish taco baja style. Oh my gosh - the fried one was the single best fish taco of my entire lifetime. It was nicely coated and crisp bite, flaky white meat, amazing sauces on it that are addictive. I also added some of the table-side, green, medium heat hot sauce and was very happy!! 

The staff obviously loves what they do and their casual and very friendly attitude makes you feel like part of the beachy bohemian tribe. 

This place is a definite must getaway in the Phoenix sun to feel like you had lunch at a beach getaway.

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