Terror in the Skies! Chicago

Small Town Monsters Announces Release of "Terror in the Skies"

Documentary of Encounters with "The Chicago Mothman"

Across the Prairie State

Available on DVD and Digital HD June 7th

Small Town Monsters has announced the nationwide Digital HD and DVD release of Terror in the Skies. Director Seth Breedlove explores hundreds of years of terrifying reports of encounters with massive, winged creatures around the Land of Lincoln. From Alton's man-eating Piasa Bird legends to recent Chicago sightings of a creature said to resemble West Virginia's infamous Mothman, Terror in the Skies takes an in-depth look at a centuries-old mystery. The latest folklore documentary from the team behind the miniseries "On the Trail of Bigfoot", Terror in the Skies will be available to rent or own on Amazon Instant Video, Vimeo OnDemand, DVD and VIDI Space starting June 7th, 2019.

Terror in the Skies promises to open viewers' minds to the possibility that such a beast could exist by way of believable witnesses and fascinating photographic, video and audio evidence. Small Town Monsters made waves in 2017 with their documentary The Mothman of Point Pleasant, which Terror in the Skies acts as a "spiritual sequel" to and one that will be concluded in 2020 by the final chapter in their Mothman trilogy, The Mothman Legacy.

I have been really pleased with the Small Town Monsters series of documentaries. I've waited forever for someone to make the documentaries we want to see, especially monster-related ones.

This is going to be awesome! I've really enjoyed their documentaries.