Sunday, June 23, 2019

Linda Godfrey's "I Know What I Saw" Cryptid Book

Certain researchers earn my respect through their deeds, ethics and diligence. Linda Godfrey is one of my favorites. And she happens to be a gosh-darned kind human being to boot! 

If you want to know about cryptids, this dogman expert is at the top of the list. She is just releasing a new book, as well. Time to really celebrate! 

Linda Godfrey has authored more than a dozen books (Monsters Among Us, American Monsters), Godfrey is one of America's foremost authorities on modern-day monsters. Having spent more than 25 years chasing legendary beasts, Godfrey is a highly sought media personality, with appearances on MonsterQuest, Inside Edition, and Coast to Coast AM, among other programs.

I KNOW WHAT I SAW explores the origins of some of the best and least known creatures of ancient and modern lore. Investigating everything from Big Foot to Chilean Gollum-esque cave dwellers, Godfrey drops readers down a fascinating rabbit hole of otherworldly encounters with mysterious beings, featuring first-hand accounts of strange sightings. No matter the creature or sighting, Godfrey notes witnesses often have the same refrain—I know what I saw! Godfrey’s compelling book will draw in skeptics and believers alike in as they explore creatures that defy imagination.

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