Sunday, June 30, 2019

Bigfoot Are Not ...

Bigfoot are not -

Tree-hugging hippies with only sunshine and love 

Indigents that are homeless

Idiot apes

Just like us, Bigfoot present in many personalities from saintly to asshole. Their directive to survive is to remain hidden which is one thing they have in common. But, just like how we sometimes get a maniac who kills multiple people, they too can have their rebels who don't adhere to the directive.

They may live out in the wilds and depend on nature, but that does not necessarily make them insightful hippies who fight for the environment and pass judgment on man. They simply live in these arenas, like you and I live in the city and drive cars and don't think twice about the resources we depend upon. We simply get up each day and repeat the same directive to eat, mate, sleep, and defecate. 

There is no need to consider them higher beings or create a Church of Sasquatch mentality about these "forest hippies." To do so would be the same as if the Bigfoot worshiped us for our cigarette lighters and airplanes and considered us gods.

They are not homeless. They live a different way than we do. We can purchase a land and build a home for our physiques which are not adapted to the climate. They, however, adapt to all climates, are hearty and quite content outdoors. They would never feel comfortable in our "shelter."

They do not need us to feed them. They eat just fine. The last thing we want to do is get them to think of us as a source of food and comfort. We can't be trusted. And, to add to that - they cannot be trusted either. Sometimes aggressive behaviors show when they become dependent on habituators feeding them.

They are not dumb. If they were stupid animals, they could be easily coaxed into the open, be caught foraging through our trash, and the like. They are very intelligent. 

Their minds, however, do not work like ours do. They are likely coming more from the right brain and that can sometimes appear savant-like or autistic, but believe me they excel us in their body control, strength, stealth, vision, ability to see in low light, and auditing sensory input. 

We are simply using the noggin in different focuses, just as a person born into a family of tall individuals might do well at basketball and his short cousin who isn't coordinated focuses on math instead.

Long ago, ancient types of man interbred, leaving us with Neanderthal, Denisovans, and another unknown contributor's DNA. But, the window of breeding among these divergent types ended quite long ago. That left us with two intelligent bipedal humans that couldn't reproduce together, so they took two different paths with very little interest in the other. You might compare it to the bear and the bobcat. They both are stalking prey in the forests, but they have little use for each other or need to interact.

There is a lot of debate about what Bigfoot IS, but perhaps we gain more insight by realizing what Bigfoot ISN'T.

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