Bat Watching!

It's that time of year in the hot season that bat viewing becomes an interesting quirky activity for couples and families. 

I recently went to 40th Street and Camelback area where there is viewing of bats exiting a canal duct at dusk and it was really quite magical. 

Many cities have such gathering places. Here's just some listed below - 

Bracken Cave - San Antonio, Texas 
Congress Avenue Bridge - Austin
Bat watching in Texas
Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico 
The Orient Mine, Colorado
Alabaster Caverns State Park, Oklahoma
San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, California 
Church Bat Sanctuary Canoe Creek State Park, Pennsylvania
Crystal Cave, Spring Valley, Wisconsin
The Tippy Dam and Salmon Run, Michigan 
Nickajack Cave Bat Platform, Tennessee
Hibernia New Jersey Bat Hibernaculum 
Lewis and Clark State Park, Montana

It really is a rather magical exhalation of a cavern - flooding of the night skies by these whirling spinning bats that draws in the night officially. 

It's an experience that is quite unique.