Weird Restaurants in Arizona

Arizona has some of the finest restaurants thanks to the tourist trade and the fantastic weather being a draw for any great chef. The ingredients that are local can be quite interesting and unique. But, what if your palate is more driven toward unusual and themed restaurants? Oh, we have those too!

This unusual cafe in Gila Bend, Arizona is a blast. There is a gift shop filled with alien and UFO items. It happens to be in the Barry Goldwater Range area for testing military craft, but also a big UFO sighting region in the desert.

The food is usual diner choices, but I highly recommend the Duke Burger (named for John Wayne), as it is delish!

This cute Phoenix restaurant has a cool theme - summer camp! Tire swings? A camper trailer inside? 

Lots of fun themes going on and great food choices with camp in mind!

Intrigued by the idea of eating in a cavern? This one is ideal! You are 200 feet below the surface, tucked in for a fine meal. 

This restaurant is a blast for kids, but as an adult, I love it. 

The food is great, but the atmosphere is off the charts with animal sounds, life-sized elephant, mock monkeys and dark sky with occasional timed lightning and thunder. 

The Lodge in Tempe is in a great area within the ASU campus. But it also has something very unique for its theme - Bigfoot. There are tons of signs, statues, and Tall Ones to pose beside. They also have the most amazing burger - Sasquatch burger! It is a burger with lots of yummies on it but also utilizes two Texas toast grilled cheese sandwiches as the buns. Be sure to share! 

This restaurant is fun, mixing metropolitan with amazing views of Phoenix, killer cocktails, and amazing food with western campiness. You arrive to find a live bull in a pen outside and once inside, you can take the stairs or the slide....

We have so many many more awesome quirky and yummy restaurants. Arizona is a food fantasy and a fun time!