Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Sensual Springtime Movies to Inspire the Artist's Soul

Do you have the soul of an artist within? Does springtime inspire your musings? Here's a great list of movies that are chock full of springtime lushness, romance, artistry, natural beauty, gardens, and lazy delights. Enjoy!

The lazy days of springtime, artists, beautiful gardens, sensual delights - 

Private Lessons: Another Story (1994) A photographer has a cheating husband. When she's sent to Florida to do a super sexy perfume ad, she casts her eye toward the chauffeur. 
Key words: Sexy, Florida, water, models, soundtrack, affair, nudity, beach.

Stealing Beauty (1996) Starring Liv Tyler. A 19-year-old woman heads to an artist's colony in Italy to visit her deceased poet mother's friends. She has two ulterior motives - one is to find her real father and to lose her virginity. This is a lovely artist's compound in the Italian countryside with a decadent and delicious setting and sensuality off the charts.
Key words: Artists, nudity, Italy, sexy, gardens, decadence. 

Under the Tuscan Sun (2003) Diane Lane. Based on a book that is a true story of an author whose marriage crashes and on an impulse buys a villa in Tuscany where she sets her focus on renovating the house and creating a home. Surrounded by quirky sensual and artsy folks, delicious foods, gorgeous scenery, she finally lets her soul free.
Key words: Italy, artists, nudity, sexy, decadence, gardens. 

The Secret Garden (1993) This beautiful and lush film involves an orphaned child sent to her uncle's estate in England where it is dark and they walk the halls like the dead. She asks for a piece of land to grow things and opens up a locked up garden wall to create a paradise of life inside. She breathes life into the estate, as well. This movie epitomized springtime and all its metaphors so beautifully with a gorgeous score. 
Key words: springtime, garden, music, pastoral. 

Summer Lovers (1982) Peter Gallagher, Daryl Hannah. A young couple goes to the Greek isles for the summer and cuts loose, bringing a third into their trio, a beautiful young woman. If you want turquoise seas, white rooftops, 80s music, and experimenting sexuality, this is the ticket.
Key words: Beach, nudity, sexy, music, decadence, Greece. 

The Blue Lagoon (1980) Brooke Shields. Christopher Atkins. Two young cousins are on a ship that sinks, leaving them marooned on an island where they create a life together, but as they go into adolescence, feelings awaken in them.
Key words: Beach, nudity, sexy, heat, ocean, island. 

Laura (1979) A sculpture becomes obsessed with his ex lover's adolescent daughter. He wants to sculpt her, but when he loses his vision, the young teen helps him get back to his art while exploring her growing desires.
Key words: Music, art, model, artist, beach, nudity, sexy.

Renoir (2012) The French Riviera in 1915. After being wounded in WWI, the artist comes home to convalesce. A young woman brings him and his son back to life. 

Key words: Nature, nudity, sexy, artist, music.

Poison Ivy II (1992) Alyssa Milano. A timid young artist goes away to college to meet a bunch of free-thinking artists. She also finds a secret cache in her boarding room left by a girl who was totally uninhibited. Tired of being timid, she flirts with being daring and without boundaries only to find there are limits. 
Key words: Nudity, sexy, decadence, artists, obsession, model.

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