Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Paranormal Vacay Week: Southern Chesapeake, Virginia

Today on Paranormal Vacay Week, I'm advising a vacation on the Southern Chesapeake, Virginia side. Let's start with the ideal place to stay -

The Inn at Tabbs Creek

The Chesapeake has hundreds of inlets called creeks. The Inn at Tabbs Creek is hidden away at Port Haywood, Virginia and the drive up to the hidden estate is so atmospheric and romantic.

This bed and breakfast is beautiful, so peaceful. Sit by a firepit and watch the stars or get a boat ride around the bay right from their own dock, or go kayaking. I suggest a boat ride to Newpoint-Comfort Lighthouse. The Bay now has dolphins which is a change from my childhood. It's a delight to have them chase the boat.

The Courthouse Restaurant

While there, if you want a great breakfast, I highly recommend Gloucester's Courthouse Restaurant and the Doug Bowl. It's a memorable concoction. The wait staff is friendly and the food good home cooking. Breakfast and lunch - great choice!

Rosewell Plantation

If you want to see a cool historic abandoned site, try Rosewell Mansion in Gloucester, Virginia. The plantation was involved in slavery in the latter 1600s, a key in transporting slaves. Jefferson even wrote a rough draft of the Declaration of Independence in one of the mansion's rooms.

In 1916, the mansion saw a horrible fire. The historical society has kept the skeleton of it maintained and nearby is a small cemetery. It is secluded, very green, and quiet, but has a reputation for hauntings. I am not surprised. I went there to see an historic site and photograph it and kept hearing someone speaking when there was no one there but me and my friend. Shadows sometimes darted in the graveyard.

Murder-Suicide House

Drive up to the Murder-Suicide house in Gloucester - abandoned on a cul-du-sac. Murder/suicide in the 1950s or 60s. You'll have to do some poking around to find this one. It's definitely a creepy cul-du-sac all alone on the waterfront.

Haven Beach

Want to heat the beach and chase pirate ghosts?

Head to Haven Beach. It is right beside the road that goes into Old House Woods - famously haunted by pirates looking for their buried treasure.

The beach is a hidden paradise. And also said to see a pirate ghost ship come ashore with organs screaming and lights ablaze.

It has port-a-potty facilities and is a private retreat with shallow lagoon.

Cohoke Light

West Point area there is a railroad crossing called Cohoke with a spooklight on Route 632. There are lots of explanations by locals involving the lantern of a headless railroad worker killed on the tracks. Another legend involves the Civil War and a phantom train with wounded soldiers. The light is on private land, but many still go to see from a distance.


If you love history, head into Yorktown - battlefields, museums - a lovely historic town.

Urban Exploration

Don't be afraid to leave the main roadway (such as it is) and head out onto the inlets and creeks along the Bay. There are tons of abandoned homesites in this area. It's like the elderly population passed on and heirs just left the buildings there, not even wanting to deal with resale.

There are also tons of quaint churches with adorable graveyards. Explore and photograph.

Some other things to consider on your list -

Chesapeake Bay Bridge


Busch Gardens 

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