Paranormal Vacay Week: Salem, Massachusetts

I'm finishing up the Paranormal Vacay week with a paranormal geek's trek to Salem, Massachusetts. What to do to relax and yet explore weirdness? There's lots! 

Hawthorne HotelBeautiful federal architecture and ghosts! Rooms 612 and 325 are particularly haunted.

Salem Historical and Ghost Tours.

Gallows Hill. Top rated attraction exploring the history of the witch trials.

Deacon Jiles Distillery.  Speakeasy-feeling bar.

Rockafellas Restaurant. Great food and spooky feeling atmosphere. 

Howard Street CemeteryOne of the cemeteries key to the Salem Trials debacle. 

House of Seven Gables. Beautiful historic home. 

Crow Haven Corner. Oldest witch shop in Salem. 

Urban exploration