Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Paranormal Vacay Week: California Coastline

In the case of the California Coastline, I am going to assume a trek from San Diego to San Francisco and what to do and where to stay. There are enough suggestions in each major city to just vacay there, such as San Diego or Los Angeles or San Francisco.

San Diego

Prohibition Bar (Speakeasy)

Hotel del Coronado (Famously haunted

San Diego Ghost Tour (Tour the haunted sites)

Calvary Cemetery (Historic Pioneer Park)

Seaworld (Just plain fun)

Urban Exploration (urban exploration sites)

San Diego Natural History Museum (Gorgeous Balboa Park area with arboretum, museums, art, amazing food. This museum is great for geeks!)

Los Angeles

Pasadena Suicide Bridge (A dark reputation)

Hollywood Roosevelt - Marilyn Monroe is said to haunt this place and seen in mirrors in the lobby and Montgomery Cliff is seen and heard on the 9th floor. 
Queen Mary 

Inglewood Park Cemetery (Reportedly haunted) 

No Vacancy (Speakeasy bar)

Venice Beach (Beach fun and freak show) 

Zombie Joe's Underground (theatrical)

Urban Exploration (learn more about abandoned sites)

San Francisco

San Francisco Ghost Tour  (Check out the tour of notoriously haunted locations).

Alcatraz (retired prison with a dark reputation and ghosts)

Queen Anne Hotel (Haunted reputation)

Stow Lake (Lady in white seen here, said to be despondent mother)

Winchester Mystery House (Sarah Winchester, heir to the gun-maker believed spiritualist guidance that she build onto the house nonstop with rooms and stairways that go nowhere to confuse the ghosts of the dead that haunt her). 

Loved to Death (super creepy store with horror-themed collectibles and oddities)

Smuggler's Cove Bar (Pirate-themed fun) 

Bourbon and Branch (Speakeasy)

Mission Delores Cemetery (spooky historic)

Urban Exploration (learn more about abandoned sites)

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  1. Sharon there are old speak easys here . Found the first one at my nieces friends new home 5 or 6 yrs ago. The woman had no idea what the hole in the doors were for. She ended up reselling it as a historical building. Made a bunch!!