Paranormal Vacay Week: Colorado Rockies

If you want to seek out the mountains in the summertime and you might want something out west with cool nights, the Colorado Rockies might do. But, what if you're a paranormal geek? Oh, there's places to go and things to do!

Stanley Hotel. Staying at this hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, Stephen King had the inspiration for the book The Shining. It is said to be super haunted and much sought after.

Manitou Springs. Once a Native American worship site, it became a popular escape for people suffering TB. Many died there. Their spirits are said to remain.

Victor Hotel, Victor, Colorado. Said to be haunted.

Strater Hotel, Durango, Colorado. Said to be haunted.

UFO Watchtower. In Hooper, Colorado within the infamous San Luis Valley (weird area for tons of UFOs and cryptid enounters). This 360-degree platform allows you to visually scan the weird-magnet valley. 

Blue Moon Haunted History Tours. 

Central City Masonic Cemetery. Said to be haunted.

Speakeasies and hidden bars in Colorado.

Ghost Towns. If you want to experience spooky, abandoned, and picturesque, Colorado is probably one of the finest states to experience these. 

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