Saturday, May 4, 2019

Numbers: Haunted Hotel Rooms

Where should you rent a room if you want to encounter ghosts? Let's look at haunted hotel room numbers - 

It helps when a hotel with a haunted room is also charming, historic, and beautiful. These are just great to stay at, but the chance of ghostly encounter sexes it up! 

211:  The Bullock Hotel, Deadwood, South Dakota
The town's first sheriff died in this room. It is said, he still lingers, speaks and sometimes touches folks. He is harmless, but present.

It helps those who love these ghostly haunted hotels also might enjoy jacuzzi suites, and a delicious restaurant called Bully's. 

217:  Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado
Besides a delicious restaurant and bar, the hotel has ghosts throughout, and especially noted in room 217. 

This room is referred to as the Stephen King suite. Other rooms touted by ghost hunters as active are 401, 407, and 428. 

246:  Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood, California. 
This one is called the Marilyn Monroe Suite. It comes with all the comforts of a beautiful Hollywood suite, and a beautiful ghost.

310:  The Oregon Caves Chateau, Oregon
This lovely location is a stunning place to stay, but add to that a ghost. It is said the honeymooning bride in that room caught her husband dallying with a housemaid. It is said she killed herself. 

501:  Galvez Hotel and Spa, Galveston, Texas
This gorgeous hotel and spa in a stunning location also has a wee bit of local legend that is tragic. A woman in the 1950s supposedly in love with a sailor would leave room 501 and climb the ladder to see her man sail in. It is said that after she found out his ship sank, she hung herself from the turret. 

Consider the movie "1408" about a man who checks into a haunted room....

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  1. Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff Arizona, and the Jerome hotel in Jerome Arizona are both haunted