Joe Ghost: Do We Psychically Tag Places?

We are reviewing some interesting evidence accrued during our team, Arizona Paranormal Research, did an investigation in the house I'm living in. The prior resident had died and he had an unusual background of interest and teachings in healing, spirituality, and also believed himself to be an alien abductee. Since moving into the home, we've had lots of signs that Joe is still among us, so my team set out to do an investigation and I started it off with a seance. 

I don't normally do seances, although I'm very experienced in them. Most cases, we are not trying to talk to a particular individual so much as a location with a variety of entities. In this case, the homeowner and I both were fine with a seance being utilized as a conduit.

The team is going over the evidence which is proving to have some unusual content. But, in the mean time, I wanted to figure out what was going on with a KII meter that was going nuts during the seance beside my left hand. 

As a psychometrist, I read with the left hand, bringing energy into my body through the left and out through the right for healing. My seances are dong with everyone putting their palms up to show their energy like beacons. I put men on one side of the room, women on the other in case there is a particular preference to be near one or the other. 

The meter went off many times near my left hand when I was performing the seance and what I hadn't expected was that when Joe made himself known, he brought forth with him a circle of light entities. I recognized immediately they were the ancestors of those in the room, the closest dead relatives. They formed a circle of light that was locked by a strange kind of spiritual magnetism. My eyes teared up and I felt an overwhelming joy and love. 

Then, rows of more and more ancestors came around in circle behind circle, all protectively. 

Since the seance and closing of the circle, the KII readings on the chair's left arm continue, no matter where the chair is placed. 

We've turned off the power and still - bam! In fact, if I sit in it with my left hand there again, I can carry on questioning with responses from my dead family. This was witnessed by two others and extremely accurate. When I ended the talk and walked away, it quieted. 

Interestingly, the divining rods cross over the arm of the chair too.

My best thought is that during the seance, I opened up energy in my left hand which is the hand that energy enters my body through - the hand I read objects with. The left arm of the chair the meter was spiking during my communications during the seance. That was the pathway in to communicate. 

Here's how I see it as an explanation -

While you're living you "tag" psychically areas that you have memories in, good and bad. Under the moment of strong emotions you "zap" the location. When you pass on, that gives you a tag to revisit that place. 

When I did the seance, I opened up a doorway of communication to our ancestors. I was talking with Joe, but around us all in the room, I saw the light beings of our ancestors, closing in, magnetically locking into a protective circle. In that moment they had a tagged a place where they could communicate with family in the mortal plane. A portal beacon of sorts.

Technically, I brought forth communication from our dead ancestors to us and they realized that the "telephone" was where I was drawing their energy into this realm. They are now hovering around the phone, awaiting the chance to call.

Do we have haunted items, or do we tag items while living? A child's well-loved doll? A woman's beloved wedding ring? A man's favorite chair?

Next, I will try putting a recorder on the arm of the chair and calling on them, leaving the room to let it record with no one there.

I've had a long-held theory that in moments of joy or agony or anger, whatever - we leave a tag there, sort of like a psychic solar flare that creates geomagnetic storms, marking a spot. We leave a "tag" there that we can come back to and haunt. Hence, places with strong emotion can be revisited.

This series "Joe Ghost" will continue as we continue to review evidence and do ongoing experiments. 

Installment #1 LINK