Mind Matters: It's a Vision Board, Not a Disaster Board

What is on your vision board?

Do you envision these every day or are your days filled with focusing on what you don't want?

Would your vision board involve being homeless? Having cancer? Getting a divorce? Having an accident? 

Then why do you spend so much time envisioning those?

Target fixation - the phenomena that occurs when you are focused on what you do not want and then you make it happen.

An example of this is the police officer pulls over a car ahead of you. You are passing by, trying not to get in the way, but the more you focus on the police car, you turn the wheel and end up running into what you wanted to avoid. 

For example, I finally splurged on a super awesome chef quality chopping knife. It is very heavy, very nice, but also very very sharp. I have always been meticulous about cutting, curling my fingers under, being cautious. Never have I cut myself chopping. But, I got this knife and it's very very sharp edge was like being near a razor blade. I was rather terrified. I was chopping something simple, a celery stalk and somehow, as I contemplated the sharp edge, I cut the tip of my finger. 

I was focused on not wanting to get cut. Target fixation!

What kind of dreams do you hold deep inside? 

People today talk a lot about manifesting dreams and the "secret," and these are important lessons we were never taught growing up.
In fact, while growing up, we were told what NOT to do. Even as adults, we are often shown by bosses and spouses what we are doing wrong, and silence when we're doing something right.

Let's see examples of what we have been taught (all having to do with lack, shortcomings, deficits) -

"Don't touch the stove!"
"That's the wrong answer."
"You don't hold the bat like that."
"You need to lose 20 pounds."
"Don't question me."
"Are you going to wear that?"
"No one makes it as an actor."
"You better start saving for retirement now!"
"Are you sure you want to do that?"
"That's the second report you've handed in late."

Getting notice only when you do something wrong or someone disapproves creates a focus. Your mind thinks, "okay, I should be looking for where I could get called out and focus on that stuff."

As an adult, we then focus on things like -

"I'm going to be homeless."
"What if I can't get pregnant?"
"My stomach is fat."
"My house is a mess."
"I will never see Hawaii."
"Nobody wants to date me."
"I'll always be broke."

Those wonderful vision board images of money, success, seeing a new place, having the love of your life, obtaining health - they aren't dusted off and looked at daily. They are "luxury thoughts" we rarely have time to think about because we're focused on what we don't want.

Would you put effort forward to make a don't want vision board?

Nope. We would not take the effort to draw up visuals and concentrate on what we don't want and yet our minds each day, our decisions, our very obsession is what we don't want.

Here's another example - weight loss.

"I'm so fat," "my arms are huge," "I gotta lose weight," "I'm going to get diabetes, "I'm going to have a heart attack," "I won't make it to 50." These are the kinds of things we think about all the time and, once again, what you focus on you drive yourself toward!

Want to realize your hidden superpowers? They are in the seat of the mind.

Look at the path you want to take, not the path you want to avoid. Each step on the chosen path takes you closer to that goal. Do you want the goal of success or defeat?

Envision your destiny - your calling. It's out there, already written in history in that amazing way the universe writes our storyline. It's waiting for you to get to that point, that reward. It's your fate. It's amazing how you act when you KNOW something is yours. There will be many more installments in Mind Matters here on the blog. There are a lot of aspects to cover involving our day to day life and our exploration of the unexplained.