Haunted Shirley: Update on Object Movement and Meter Reaction

Well, I was okay with the ideal of getting the three haunted Shirley Temple dolls back. They were being bad where they were staying and I don't wish that luck on anyone.

noted for harmless psychokinesis

Completely neutral, no particular sentient energy 

associated with accidents, sickness, missing items

"Red" the original gal has had a very interesting vibe to her. She tends to make objects get thrown a lot. It's playful, not threatening. Where I was living last, she would throw pens a LOT from the nearby desk. Objects I put around her more often than not got thrown. She even once threw herself off the desk 18" to hit me in the head with her hard porcelain head. Her energy now that she is back with me is quite pleasant. 

Violet has always been a neutral soul. She is along for the ride. Doesn't seem to have any animating qualities or sentient tendencies.

Green eyes, however, is a real problem. She's been associated with accidents, illness, and important items going missing.

I decided to check them all for any potential EMF issues and the meter kept dancing over but not the other two. I moved them to a different location and still Green caused spikes. So, I turned them around facing the other way and mixed them up until I had no idea who was who. The meter went off, turned the doll around and it was Green.

I was at my desk one day using Google Earth and showing the screen to my friend and researcher, James Carroll. My hand rested on the mouse, not moving. Just talking about what was on the screen. Then a loud CLANK and we both startled.

A pen flew from the cup over a foot away and landed about 8 inches from the mouse. It's especially odd as the writing point of the pen was down in the cup and it landed pointing away from the cup, as well as the clicking end being under the bowl that was between the cup and the landing place.

We are both rather baffled and I left the dolls in the garage for safety sake, but now I have to wonder if Red is feeling a bit left out, but then something happened that made me realize she might have been trying to get my attention in the garage....

UPDATE:  I went into garage where dolls were left side by side, looking straight ahead so I could tell if they moved. Went out to do laundry and found one doll turned away and green eyes' head turned.

This positioning was very unsettling as Green stared right at the door to the house and Red turned away, aimed toward where my office is. Did Red make the pen fly? 
Dennis Guern, researcher, and I are working on some ideas for experimenting with, isolating, and even curing whatever doll(s) are the problem. We will be sharing on here.

After resetting the dolls back to shoulder to shoulder, heads forward, I went on a ghost investigation and came back to do laundry and - 

Green (middle) head turned and Red (left) moved away. 

I have once again set them in place with some chalk outline. This time, I put Violet (far right) in the middle with Green to the right and Red to the left. 

Let's see what comes next....