Habituation Situation: The White One

This is the series on GHT that involves archiving field notes, photos and videos from a very successful Bigfoot habituation study in the early 2000s in the Southern United States.


January 11, 2003

In the wildlife management area near the lake there is a peninsula-shaped area where people had dumped various trash including tires. The property owner while investigating the peninsula on the north side found these scattered tires in various places. He stacked them. 

On the above date, the property owner and research team came to the peninsula north side area and found the tires in various places not far from where they had been stacked. 

This one tire (above) was placed there in an area that has a Y-shaped path where one can go right or left. The tire was placed on a cedar tree break. 

A print was found in the trail in front of the tree with the tire in the tree crook (between the trunk and upturned limb). 

Another view (above) of the tire over the cedar tree break. 

(above) more prints in front of tree below where the researcher is standing. 

Another tire on a tree (above) with a limb growing out. Tire stuck in between tree and limb at about 5’10” at the bottom. About 9 to 10 feet down trail from the first find at the Y-shaped trail divide.

This tire #3 (above) was about 9-10 feet down from the last #2 tire. Given height of man demonstrating, it is out of his reach. 

Near tire #3, a possible cedar tree push-over. 

A print found near water in this peninsula area near the lake. Right foot

Second print along shore (above). Left foot

Another third print (above) along shore. Right foot

Fourth print (above) near shoreLeft foot

Fifth print (above) near shore.

East of the dirt trail on a ridge, this (above) was a possible push-over demonstrated by researcher. 

January 12, 2003

MK Davis (links below) isolated some clips involving a white one who comes up to a tree, stares at the camera, turns around and leaves with most unusual movement. 

MK also focused on the leg swing in the oscillating file above and the gluteus muscle in the photo below that (above).

They captured on game cam video a tall white entity moving toward the camera, looking at it, then turning and walking away. Watch the movements of this fellow. 

Later (above) the researchers estimated the height of where it was standing and the being was over 7-feet tall. The camera kept focusing on the branches in front of it, so the entity is a bit blurry. The researchers were calling it the "white ghost" because of this vague detail. 

Print (above) from property east of the deer feeder near the creek. 

(above) First of three prints found near the open area near the deer feeder. 

Second print (above) 16 inches

(above) Third print

Not far from the property fence line, the researchers decided to try an experiment, hanging ornaments on a cedar tree to see if it might attract attention. They set up three game cams on various trees. 

20 feet from the water on the shore of the lake in the peninsula area, they found this print. They surrounded it with wood to protect while they cast it.  This was a wide foot.

Heavy cedar breaks (above) were found in the peninsula area running north to south. 

More breaks 3 feet off the ground (above).

In the same area (above) a cedar tree pushed over.

Same area, more cedar breaks (above).

Possible cedar push overs (above).

Looking at possible limb break.

This one (above) was south of the road to the peninsula but others above were north of it. 

Strangely a 2-3" wide strip of bark was peeled from this tree (above). A similar thing was seen not far from there. 

A closer look (above) at the strip. 

A possible small limb formation (above) north of the road also.

Another possible small limb formation (above).

Stripped bark from small branches (above) about 25 feet away from the tree that had a strip of bark pulled off. 

Another small possible limb formation (above).

Near tree with bark stripped off, a possible print was found (above).

Another possible print near the tree with bark stripped (above)

NOTE FROM RESEARCHER "DUSTY": About the cedar trees photos posted, I would say that in our experience, the messing or being destructive with the cedar trees (breaking over, twisting branches, pushing over, climbing in) was something major in relation to 'BF' behavior???? This was something typical we found in wooded areas we investigated through out the region. I do not know the meaning. Just that it was happening.