Google Earth: Weird Finds

It's time to have fun with Google Earth images again. When we researchers go looking at a target area, we sometimes find strange stuff. 

James Carroll found this at Red Mountain in Patagonia, Arizona. The plane only shows up in the most recent capture, but no lines on the ground to show it crashed, so we can assume it's in the air? 

I decided to look for the North Pole and found a strange vector blip on the image. It seems to point right to the North Pole.

I zoomed in on it - 

I have plans to look for the supposed openings to Hollow Earth using Google Earth. That will be a fun project!

Here is another find by James Carroll, below - 

This was in the Grand canyon area. Makes no sense really. No paths to it, but obviously not natural. Could be a water tank, but still, who put it there and why?


  1. coordonates and i'm going! (on google earth, not in réality(or maybe?...))


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