Ghosts, Myths and Legends of the British Isles

Sometimes, I run across a kickstarter program that is a worthy content. This is one of those. 


Here is the concept - 

My Photographs start out as ideas, daydreams even, sometimes already linked to a story, or sometimes I have to find a story with which they fit. I then visit locations to scout out possibilities and requirements, some have taken years to come to fruition. I believe it has produced pictures with ’soul’ rather than that of CGI imagery with Photoshop precision. What started out as a bit of a fun project with my then young son soon turned into a journey. An odyssey of exploration on many levels, charting advancing years, discovery, philosophical / spiritual and photographic development.

There are over 100 images shot mainly on Black and white 35mm film and the odd splash of colour, all with varying degrees of wonderful atmospheric grain. But this is not just a photography book. 50,000 words of text accompany the 22 chapters and each essay describes the locations, the history and actual story of the haunting's, along with personal observations and experiences from each location shoot. It also has an occasional poem to compliment certain chapters both borrowed and my own.

The aim is to give a more 3D image of each location and haunting legend, models have been subtly used and the text gives background to bring the images to ‘life’. The inspirations for the work were Simon Marsden’s ‘Haunted Realm’ a collection of infra pictures of old haunted castles /mansions and the Readers Digest book of ‘ Folklore, Myths and legends of Great Britain’ a big dusty tome of a book collectable now along with Marsden’s works. The locations for my chapters stretch from the Shetland Islands in the far north to the most southerly headland of Britain the dreaded Lizard peninsular and the ‘Man ‘O’ War rocks. Along the way we visit the majestic Loch Ness and beautiful unspoilt English /Scottish border country rich in both ballad and history. We encounter ghosts, serpents, folklore heroes and even mermaids! I trust you will find it an engrossing fireside read to be savoured one chapter at a time.

The project is complete, professionally proof read and edited and I have a forward very kindly written by Sir Humphrey Wakefield the owner of Chillingham Castle, (the most haunted house in Britain!). I aim to produce a limited edition of just 200/300 copies which will hopefully become collectable themselves and if all goes well they should be available by early July. I aim to keep the unit cost down so that a small donation (hopefully) will guarantee all sponsors a book at a price equivalent to or less, than that from an online or actual book store (inc P&P)


I hope that y'all get a look at the page and take the initiative to get professional quality material relating to our favorite subject.