Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Another Purpose to Bigfoot's Hair Relating to Infrasound?

Bigfoot hair has baffled me for years. 

One thing that comes to mind to most people is that they were built for cold weather. Yeah, a fur coat would be nice, but these folks are hiking around snow--packed mountains barefoot. I don't think the hair is necessarily critical to warmth, but could be very necessary for something the Native People speak of - their hair holding their wisdom.
(To read my original paper on the qualities and importance of Bigfoot hair, go to this LINK)

I was just reading this article (LINK) about how human heartbeat and other body functions run on an infrasound level (a frequency below human hearing's capabilities).

Could the hairs on a Bigfoot body, as well as perhaps ancient man, contain sensory cells that are capable of picking up infrasound? This would be protective adaptive for living among predators, an early warning system of a sort.

You know that feeling you get when you feel someone's intent stare upon you, even though they are behind you?

Think about it - we know they use infrasound, right? Infrasound effects are often reported by those who encounter them. Some call it "blasting" and the results can take the gamut from feeling watched, paranoid, panicky, sick to your stomach, headache, dizziness, amnesia, sleep walking.

And, why wouldn't they have it? They were likely evolved for high elevation mountainous areas where infrasound would be a major way to communicate over distance.

Their vocal chords are long enough that it would be easy for them to obtain infrasound levels. We have a human who can do it - he was found to have extra long vocal chords.

If they could make infrasound, it would be useless unless they can perceive it too. They would have to have capability to pickup those very low frequency sound waves being sent by others. Instead of hearing it, might the hairs feel the vibrations?

Can they tell when other living things with the heartbeat cadence of a human are nearby and do they do this with their ears or with hairs that have sensory cells?

We debate often if Bigfoot has psychic skills and it may seem intuitive, but the hairs may give them pre-notice of other living beings in the wild and that would give them an adaptive edge.

Are their heart chambers and beat different due to size and perhaps extreme musculature? Comparing our heartbeats to other animals, such as a rabbit would be easy. They would know us from their own kind by the heartbeats and pattern.

Here's what infrasound does to water (below). Imagine what it might due to body hairs? A guarded prickling alert - 

If one wanted to send us away, nothing is more effective than infrasound. We don't realize a noise was sounded, but suddenly, we are standing at alert and need to get the hell out of there!

Just another reason to re-look at Sasquatch hair!

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  1. This is a very interesting theory Sharon. I think you may be onto something here. I was warned away while hiking in over a foot of snow, not sure why other then the fact that I had inadvertently caught a Dogman while in that area before. I almost went on but it was almost as if they were keeping me from harm. Like the feelings (I call them in my core) you get when you are in danger.