Thursday, March 14, 2019

URBEX: Ghost Towns

Ghost Town: A deserted town with no or very few occupants.

If you're interested in photographing and exploring abandoned places, i.e. urban exploration aka URBEX, then you might start with ghost towns. These are easier to find and not just found in the west, but everywhere in the world.

Industries die off and the people who support them move on. Look for mining towns, steel towns, agricultural towns.

A good resource for finding them is this site (LINK).

Here is what other URBEX'ers found in such places. Hope this whets your appetite - 

If this is interesting to you, you might try the show "Ghost Town Gold" on streaming Netflix right now. Two guys pick over ghost towns (with permission) to find prizes to resell. It's like the "American Pickers" of the Old West. 

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