Saturday, March 16, 2019

South Mountain - Odd Lights!

The light flickered. Researcher Dennis Guern and I had seen this light up there before. Nothing there. Not near hiking paths. But its quality was odd, seeming to go out, then come back on a few flashes, and there was also a green light that seemed to accompany it.

I captured it on video. 

My co-resarcher, Dennis Guern, and I plan to hike into the mountain park and have a better look at it, along with some other interesting mysteries there. 

South Mountain in Phoenix is best known as the site of the infamous "Phoenix Lights," but it also has an ancient history from the lost ancient tribe, "HoHoKam" and unsolved mysteries, possible conquistador treasure and mines, and other gossip of high strangeness. 

Expect to see more on this soon!

Suggested reading
Jeff Woolwine's expert research on South Mountain can be found in his book - 

The Phoenix Lights - Petroglyphs in the Sky

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