ROKU Free Streaming Horror and Paranormal Channels

If you have a Roku device, Playstation system, or smart TV, you likely have access to the streaming channels. Here's just some of the lineup for us paranormal geeks and horror lovers - 

FilmRise Paranormal: FilmRise Paranormal offers a varied selection of mostly B-movie and straight to video occult/paranormal movies. However, not all of the content was created on the back lot of a low budget Hollywood set. There are a few documentaries featuring UFO's and Alien Encounters, Ghost Stories, Exploring the Ancient Mysteries of the world, Life after Death and The Holy Grail.

Paranormal Reality:  Paranormal Reality Free Zone is a free version of the subscription-based Paranormal Reality channel. Offering much more than a preview, this free channel broadcasts full-length movies and episodes of several series. There over a dozen films each in the genres of Horror Classics and Science Fiction. Titles include modern-era movies like Rehearsal For Murder (1982), as well as early classics like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1932). You will also find complete episodes from three seasons of One Step Beyond, several seasons of 30 Odd Minutes, and several other shows on the supernatural.

Paranormal Activity Channel: The Paranormal Activity Channel currently offers 10 films with paranormal themes, although the channel's website says that the goal is to add one or two additional titles each month. Films include Ghost Attack on Sutton Street: Poltergeists and Paranormal Entities, I Sold My Soul to Satan - Welcome to Hollywood, and Nostradamus and the End Times: Prophecies of the Apocalypse (all of which happen to be available on YouTube).

UFOTV: UFOTV is a collection of over 130 videos covering all aspects of the UFO phenomenon. Topics include Crop Circles, Abductions, Government Cover-ups, and Eyewitness Accounts of what people from around the world have seen. Titles include (descriptions as provided in channel menu):
The Reality of Truth - Michelle Rodriquez searches the Globe for Hidden Technology from our Ancient.
Nixon, Kennedy and The Alien Presence - From EBE Award Winning UFO Researcher, Artists and Filmmaker Jim Nichols.
The Solar Revolution - New Solar activity is NOW changing human Consiousness, Creativity and Intelligence.
The Klaus Chronicles - Secret World One - Forbidden Archeology and Ancient Artifacts that Can Re-writing Human History.
The Phoenix Lights - The Biggest and Most Important UFO Sighting in Modern History
The Aeon of Horus 2 - Aliens and Demons - Are Some Aliens Demonic and Are Demons Extraterrestrial?

UFO Planet: UFO PLANET is a show hosted by Darin Crapo that attempts to explain UFO videos submitted by viewers. The submissions come from all over the world; some can be explained as hoaxes, while others are still under investigation. In addition to video submissions there are numerous interviews with UFO experts and eye witnesses from around the world.

Cryptovania: Cryptovania TV consists of what can best be described as a collection of home movies. There are nine videos in all, one of which is available below. Content ranges from watching a mostly-frozen stream to taking a ride down the back roads of Crawford County, Pennsylvania. One of the videos on this channel, which consists of 20 minutes in a chicken coop, can be viewed below.

Just Horror: Just Horror on Roku is a collection of public domain, B-movie, and straight-to-video horror movies and series. We didn't immediately recognize any titles in the library, but you're likely to find some gems in the following categories:

Horror Classics Channel: Horror Classics Channel is a collection of vintage public domain movies and television programming. Content can be found in the following categories:
Lights Out
Alfred Hitchcock
Creature Features
Alien Invaders
Super Disasters
Mad Scientists
Super Human
Out of this World

Horror Movie Channel: Public domain horror movies.

TerrorTV: Terror TV on Roku is a collection of B-movie and straight-to-video horror films. There are not any notable titles in the lineup, but that doesn't mean you can't find some interesting films. Titles include How to Kill a Zombie (2014), Stripclub Massacre (2017), and Capture Kill Release (2016). Films are listed under categories that include Supernatural, Psychos, Killers, Horror, Zombie, Vampires, and SciFi & Creature Features, and a small collection of trailers can also be found.

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