Physical Versus Environmental DNA? Can We Imprint Our Environment?

DNA is like the coding that makes you who you are. It determines eye color, hair color, disease propensity, ethnicity, and some quirks of character too. But is it possible that our DNA allows a recording of life experience so that future generations do not have to make the same mistakes? Is there another kind of "DNA" that involves the environment? Is it possible for us to lay down events in locations like some kind of beacon for others to sense? Let's see - 

Interestingly, siblings get a variety of crap shoot as to what ancestor they take after, ratios differing unless they are identical twins. Here's four siblings on their ethnicities and the variables (above). LINK

In one test, mice were exposed to a scent that their grandparent had been exposed to during the stress of being shocked. The following generations of these exposed mice built up more early detectors for that scent, showing that they had been altered to avoid the calamity that their parent/grandparent experienced. LINK

Scientists have wondered if high stress moments might alter DNA information for future generations. They found that Holocaust survivor's children had less stress-handling cortisol in their bodies, making them vulnerable to stress more than others. LINK

Authors of one study of DNA call this transgenerational transmission of environmental information

Now, as a psychometrist, I can say that we leave information on things we come in contact with. As a psychic tracker, I know we leave a trail of our thoughts in that environment. 

We have a way of "tagging" objects and locations.

When we witness residual hauntings, are we seeing an imprint created by a means of passing information on to others that does not include physicality/biology? 

Can we literally make a place "haunted" or "cursed" so that others know to "stay away!"???

Is there a psychic DNA? And, do we often ignore our "gut feelings" which are actually the site of that psychic DNA? 

Can trauma translate to physical DNA as well as location by another means we have yet to understand? 

We may be able to leave this psychic trail in order to warn of where not to go, but could this also correlate to the positive? 

To some, the concepts of envisioning what you want to manifest, goals and dreams, and then sending out positive energy for the universe to provide, seems like psychobabble nonsense. However, if you consider the possibility that our psyche at any moment can imprint the environment around us, we are literally planting a seed for destiny. 

When I deal with people whose homes are haunted, I often ask them to identify a location in the home where they feel uncomfortable, they tend to avoid, or maybe they end up fighting in that spot a lot of times. They can retrain that location with good and happy memories by simply playing happy music, sitting there for a bit of time each week, flipping through photos and thinking of things that make them happy - memories, family, vacations, etc. You can even give someone a massage in that location and if you do it a couple times a week for even just one month, the location's "attitude" changes. 

More on this later, as I am continuing to research the connection between DNA and environment. 

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