Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Mysterious Skull

The skull I've come to refer to as "Missy" continues to baffle. (Link to my post about it). I looked into the skull shape and pottery of the ancient tribe of the area and, well, you come to your own conclusions.

Missy's pottery (found with her) was nothing like the known pottery of the ancient tribe of that area. 

Her skull is most unusual! See how narrow she is at the temples, how prominent her cheekbones, the shape and size of her orbits - 

The mystery continues. I hope to get a lot more information soon to update this mystery.


  1. Fascinating. Has DNA testing been done to determine what race she belongs to or near match, also geographical testing and if she had a deformative desease. Are there others like her in area she was found. Wonder if she was a unknown 'race' or a one off. Good luck in your quest to find out more.

    1. Thanks for these great questions. So far as I know, the person who came across this skull has plans to hand it over to a local university to that area. The head had no body in the ground with it and did not match the indigenous people of that area at all. The characteristics of the skull are similar to other "odd" findings among Native people of tribes that did not seem related to the Amerindians. The eye sockets, however, are a very hard one to match. Should we get any results back from research, I will be rushing on here to share it.